1. Content Writing Isn’t As Easy As It Looks
  2. Sourcing the Right Professional Copywriter
  3. Reasons to Hire a Copywriter from a Digital Agency

Content writing for digital is very different from regular writing; there’s a reason there’s a professional copywriting need and the importance thereof. You might be having conversations with your team along the lines of “Why do we need a professional copywriter if we can do it ourselves?”. There are a few factors to keep in mind if you really want your content to work for you, and a few reasons to hire a copywriter too.

If you’re planning on putting together content for a website, or even to keep your blog updated with regular, relevant information, there are a few things you might need to know before you jump into writing all of this yourself.

Content Writing Isn’t As Easy As It Looks

If the content was a stage production, the finished product would be the show that the audience gets to see. There is, however, so much that goes on behind the curtain.


Putting effective content together is not simply about getting words onto a page that follow along with a thought. If you’re writing your own personal blog, then (depending on your goals) this approach is perfectly fine. However, if you’re trying to be your own website content copywriter, you’ll need to do some research. Some of the research that you’ll need to do includes:

  • Keyword research: Content that stands out includes a host of SEO-optimised keywords that show Google that your content is relevant to the subject users are searching for. Without these words, your content may not show up in Google searches at all. This is why professional content writers usually work closely with a Keyword Manager who specialises in keyword research for Google.
  • Know your subject: You may know all the facts about your products, but knowing how to piece these together with other interesting and relevant titbits may be quite challenging and time-consuming.
  • Tone: What works for some audiences may not necessarily work for others. A “fun” brand won’t fit well with serious, hard-hitting content all over their platforms. Content needs to be structured in a way that fits well with the brand so that audiences are more inclined to engage with it.

Content Layout

As mentioned, online copy is very different from regular copy. You want to use headings that not only stand out but allow the reader to skim through the article if they want to. Not many people read an article from top to bottom and all the bits in between. This doesn’t mean that content is irrelevant, it just means that it needs to be adapted accordingly.

Sticking to the point

It’s very easy to fall down the rabbit hole of information; suddenly your article has become a veritable novel and you’re not sure how to trim the excess information. This is an easy trap to fall into. It’s not necessarily that “less is more” with content writing, but there is a fine line between “this is interesting” and “may I have some chocolate sauce for this waffle?”. Professional copywriters put information together with just enough to keep it interesting but not too much to turn it into a bore.

Sourcing the Right Professional Copywriter

So, to answer the question, it is definitely valuable and efficient to outsource a copywriter. But the important thing to remember is that not every writer will be the right fit for you. There are many people online posing as great writers, but who simply won’t be able to deliver the sort of quality that you’re after.

Reasons to Hire a Copywriter from a Digital Agency

Finding a digital marketing agency that has its own professional copywriter is a great option. The agency prides itself in creating excellent digital experiences and will have the right team for the job. Not only that, but the writer will have the backing of other experts in the field (like the SEO Keyword boffin) guiding the content towards success on Google.

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