SEO Audit

We Empower You with the Foundation You Need to Optimise Your Website

An SEO Audit performed by industry-leading professionals lays the foundation you need to optimise the performance and unlock the potential of your website. Our expert SEO specialists will carefully rake through your website and unveil any technical problems that could be hindering your search engine rankings.

An SEO Audit is the Starting Point to Your SEO Success Story

You need an SEO Audit in order to understand the current state of your website so that you can move forward with improvements and best-practice SEO tactics that will have you climbing the search engine ladder in no time.

Website Optimisation Strategies that will Get You on the Right Track


We compare you to the best performers in your industry based on keyword rankings, social media popularity and other SEO factors.


Our experts look at your website’s keyword presence in important page areas, informing you about where you should improve your keyword usage.


We uncover a range of site usability issues on your website such as mobile optimisation, page speed and user experience.


Ensure that your site is free of any technical issues that may put off leads and search engines by having issues such as broken anchors and slow response times uncovered.


We take a look at how your site ranks in search engine results for key terms in order to help you identify for which search results your website should be visible.


Our experts check how compliant your website is with Google’s requirements in order to determine whether your site may be getting lower rankings and receiving less traffic.

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