Bulk Email - Service Terms

  • The purpose of this document is to ensure the best possible results, within an optimal timeframe, by adhering to a set of rules to manage project expectations from each party.
    • By adhering to these Service Terms:
      • the project can run as smoothly as possible
      • Starbright can deliver the project on time
      • additional project costs can be avoided
    • The responsible contact person representing your company will be determined in the project briefing. If for any reason this changes (i.e. a new point of contact takes over), a new project briefing will be scheduled. Additional time will be billed.
  • OPTION 1 - System Training for Sending Your Own Emailers
    • Bookings
      • It is your responsibility to book the system training with Starbright within 30 days of proposal acceptance.
      • Payment for the training must be made prior to the booking date.
      • A maximum of two (2) people per company per training session is permitted.
      • Training will take place at Starbright’s office, unless agreed otherwise.
  • OPTION 2 – Starbright to Send Emailers
    • Content
      • ALL content must be provided for the emailer in a Microsoft Word document.
      • Please include the subject for the emailer as well as your preferred ‘From’ address.
      • The email database should be supplied to Starbright in .CSV format
    • Design
      • It is your responsibility to provide all images specifically applicable to your company required in the emailer.
      • Starbright requires feedback within two (2) working days of providing you with the initial design draft for approval.

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