Website Design

Your website must be visually appealing, easy to understand, easy to navigate and on top of it all, it needs to function 100%, every second of the day. Our website development agency has all the tricks of the trade to bring endless functionality to your new website.

We have a web development team that is proficient in multiple programming languages, and extra skilled at creating classy designs.

So what special skill does our web development company hold?

Our web developers can take any idea that you have and bring it to life. Our attitude is that no matter what the project is, we will make your new website stylish, responsive and functional. This means that you will have a website that’s design is flawlessly compatible across all devices, and that it’s going to work the way you want it to.

Speak to one of our web development agents for tailor-made, user-friendly and ultra responsive websites- Google will love you for it!

Hold up... we still want to tell you about the CMSs we use

If you want to learn how to manage your own website completely, we can teach you how to do that too. The Content Management Systems (CMS) that we provide are easy-to-use and perfectly set up to support the creation and modification of digital content on your website.

What are the benefits of using the CMS that we provide?
  • Easy editing of website content

  • Design flexibility

  • Multiple users can be added to the system

  • Website data can be analysed, i.e. number of actions performed on your page

The rest of the benefits? Well, we will have to explain them to you in a consultation session.

Find out more about Drupal and WordPress today.

Otherwise known as a landing page, this kind of website development service entails a quick and affordable design process.

Since it’s so easy to navigate, a landing page is the ideal tool for leading your visitors to prominent calls-to-action. When our web development team builds your landing page, we focus on giving you excellent online presence. But you will also get:

  • A domain name, as in, your own website address

  • Strong content to complement the slick design (SEO website copywriting is highly recommended)

  • An additional service that we offer website hosting. Our state-of-the-art servers will ensure that your website runs smoothly 24/7.

Get in touch with our web development team, your high-quality coding awaits.

No matter the size of your company, its digital presence is the key to your ongoing success. We are a web development agency with a primary goal to keep your pages stylish, functional, and secure. We can revamp your old website, or build up your brand new one!

​What comes with a small-medium business website?

  • A unique design that speaks true to your company

  • All the content to go with it, of course

  • A Content Management System (CMS), that lets you control and update your own content

  • Effective website training, to help you understand your CMS and all its tricks

  • Initial SEO setup, where we add in keywords, phrases and submit your website to Google

Speak to one of our consultants to get your savvy new website running.

Our team likes to kick it up a notch, and build worlds from websites. The websites we design for your corporate company will be the solution to your company’s entire online space. Your highly functional, interactive, and exceptionally impressive website can include:

  • Share & exchange rate widget

  • Events calendar

  • Booking systems for appointments, events, or accommodation

  • Embedded YouTube videos

  • Online document repository with secure login

  • Secure member portal

  • Forums & Blogs

  • Image Galleries

  • E-commerce systems

  • Lead tracking and management

  • Integration with existing business automation and workflow solutions

Contact our web development agency to get your remarkable online journey going!

Online shopping- no one can deny its popularity. Imagine all the benefits of having a virtual space to sell all your products from!

When you let our web development services take charge of your e-commerce, you are assured that your brand is no longer limited to a specific location. You will also receive the benefits of having powerful tools integrated into your website that track your commercial success!

Having an E-Commerce website means having:

  • Product database

  • Payment gateway integration

  • Shopping cart

  • Client database

  • Product favourites

  • Cross selling

  • Purchase history reporting

  • Courier integration (based on your courier)

We are just scratching the surface here. Speak to one of our web development consultants about getting your business into the online world.

Website Copywriting Services

The words that paint your website have powerful responsibilities.

They must tell your company’s story, answer your audience’s questions and remain concise, precise, and unique.

Excellent content will make exploring your website a smooth reading voyage, but you need a good writer to create it.  Our qualified copywriters provide a service that redefines wordsmith perfection!

We highly recommend incorporating SEO into your website content.

The copywriters in our content department are stringent about incorporating latest SEO techniques and trends into your website copy. Our copywriting services also include ongoing SEO content improvements on your website. You can go check out more on our SEO department in the Digital Marketing section!

Let our team of skilled creators pick your brain for thoughts and pull original content together that will build the exact online personality your company stands for.

Do you want to pen to paper? Contact one of our consultants to get started.

Website Hosting

Your new website needs to be fast loading, secure and always online. Anything a visitor may need from your website must be available at all times. These responsibilities all lie in the hands of your trustworthy website hosting company.

Our website hosting service secures all your data on an online platform that has strong internet connection every hour of the day, allowing you to have access to your information through a network of servers, 24/7.

Our website hosting platform runs on Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL and supports most open source solutions. We will ensure that your domain is renewed annually to avoid any downtime of your emails and website.

Contact our website hosting service consultants to find out more about our hosting options.

Custom Web Application Development

With so many years of industry experience, our web development team has acquired the unbeatable skills necessary to design the exact customised web-based system solution your company has always needed. Seriously, the number of unique web applications we offer are endless!

We bring collaboration, communication, and management to a whole new level. Our goal as a leading web development agency is to simplify your business processes and increase your security and performance so that the efficiency in your workplace sees drastic improvements.

Every one of our clients have different needs, and so we dive deep into complex PHP systems and create a unique solution for all your business needs.

Contact a web development consultant to launch a specifically-for-you web based application.

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