Google Apps For Business

As a Google enthusiast company, our IT department has become approved resellers of Google Apps for Business. Our network support service provides you with a cost effective package (customised to your company’s specific needs), installation and integration, as well as service level agreement consulting.

Why every company, big or small, can benefit from Google Apps for Business:

This holistic business process solution is designed to improve the efficiency and functionality in your workplace, on all levels.

Google Apps for Business offers dozens of features that simplify organisation and data sharing in the modern digital era we live in. Making use of this innovative technology means that your company’s management and workflow systems  are integrated into one customisable platform, ready for anyone to use.

  • Store and manage important company information and interaction circulation on a single platform.

  • Choose who in the company can see what, thereby protecting confidential information and avoiding confusion.

  • Keep valuable company information and client/customer communication 100% safe

  • Get instant access to saved data, making internal and external communication more efficient

  • Share and retrieve valuable information from any online device, wherever you are

We can help you customise your Google experience with your brand, promoting a sense of internal unity in your company. Google Apps for Business is exceptionally user friendly, and once we have it up and running for you, everyone in your company will know how to use it!

Contact us if you need are interested in this smooth running technology. We will show you how to meet all the demands of your business processes!

Internet Content Filtering

Most (if not all) companies today rely heavily on the internet to run their business. It is extremely unlikely for a company to succeed without using the power of the online world, and the reasons behind that are never-ending.

However, with great power comes great responsibility, and it is up to company owners and managers to ensure that their employees are using internet in the workplace responsibly.

Employees must be focused, deliberate and goal-driven when using the internet at work. Our internet content filtering services install advanced malware protection, so that your firewall can do its job:

  • Threat protection

  • Bandwidth monitoring

  • Data breach access control

  • Time-based web browsing policies

  • Customised/individual site blocking

Our internet content solutions include a service level agreement, meaning we offer remote support and maintenance so that your system can be altered or investigated on request.

Contact one of our genius IT practitioners to find out more about the kind of internet security services we offer!

File Server Cloud Backup

Company data is the foundation of business success. Each and every byte of information that your company produces plays a crucial role, and should be considered your highest priority.

The internal file server that we provide you with becomes your company’s centralised storage unit, so all your employees can save their valuable data onto the server. Since our file server solution is scalable to your business size, you can add any amount of users to it.

Our file server solution is further bolstered with a seamless cloud backup service that automatically saves data from your file server onto our cloud storage platform. Having this seamless cloud based backup service means that tedious user intervention is no longer required! Most important of all, your company is secured with a bulletproof disaster recovery plan in case catastrophe strikes.

Contact us to secure your data and protect your company

Voip PBX

Our Voice Over IP service is your number one cloud based business telephone solution. We connect your new VoIP system to a PBX box that we provide, so that your company can experience reduced landline rates and increased communication productivity in the workplace.

When you choose our VoIP service, you receive:

  • The number of handsets your company requires

  • A PBX box

  • Installation at your offices

To comply to FICA requirements, many industries have to implement record tracking of internal and external online communication in the workplace. Our VoIP telephony services include this feature, ensuring that you can retrieve recorded telephone conversations indefinitely.

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