Basic Office Management and PA Workshop

Do you always draw up Excel spreadsheets for everything in your life? Do you enjoy making lists of everything you need to do, complete with times for when to do them? Then this workshop is for you!

This workshop will teach you how to use these organisational habits to your advantage and provide you with the abilities to reach your career destination on schedule.

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You will also learn the following skills to improve your organisational habits:

  • Using Microsoft Office (the basics)
  • Communication in the workplace
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Developing policies and procedures
  • Leading and managing your staff
  • Managing employers’ diaries
  • Managing and prioritising tasks/projects
  • Managing leave records, policies and procedures
  • Managing meetings effectively
  • Managing payroll and salaries
  • Planning events and functions
  • Planning your day (Self-management)
  • Purchasing of office supplies, etc.
  • Managing records (digital and printed)

This workshop is ideal for receptionists, personal assistants, administrative assistants and school leavers. Whether you want to get into the industry or just touch up your existing skill set, you will reap the rewards. This workshop is also ideal for those who might want to apply office management principles to the organisation of their daily lives – why not!

The workshop will be led by an experienced office manager working in a fast-paced, deadline intensive industry. So you will not be forced to listen to unapplied theory. You will have the benefit of the trainer’s experience and knowledge, so if you have any questions there will be insightful answers to help you along.


This workshop is not an accredited course and does not provide you with a qualification. It does, however, provide you with valuable skills and experience.

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