Professional Translation Services

Translation is a multifaceted practice which we use to help businesses grow their target market across much larger culture domains.

Plain English Translations

We provide Interlingual Translation which is the translating from one language into the same language, involving practices such as Plain English translation. This service is particularly helpful in decoding text from vocabulary used in highly specialised fields into a text that is easily and comfortably understood by the general population across various age and language groups.

It is a growing practice in the translation industry as it gives a broader audience the ability to explore and understand the core dimensions of any business and/or service.

English, Afrikaans & French Translations

Our Intralingual Translation involves translating from one language into another, switching between English, French and Afrikaans. We focus on text-equivalent transmission to and from those three languages for texts including (and not limited to) articles, web content, and contracts. We offer 2 different methods of translation, namely Literal and Free translation.

Literal Translation is text-based whereas free translation is audience-based. Literal translation will come into play when translating contracts as the information within texts adhere to extremely strict equivalence rules; i.e. the translation's aim is to protect the content of the text to a maximum.

Free Translation is more fun to play with because the focus of the content is on the audience more than the original work. By doing this you engage with the new language audience as though they were the initial target audience. Articles and web content will thereby be translated into a manner that will be a first-language reading experience for the new audience.

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