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Pinterest is a social media platform that has incredible potential for building brand awareness and customer generation. Pinterest is a little older than Instagram (which is also a great platform for visual marketing and lead generation) but has a more direct functionality for visitors to go directly to your site. It’s a convenient app that should not be overlooked when it comes to your marketing efforts.

We reviewed some of the more recent statistics that prove how valuable Pinterest is.

Pinterest User Growth Globally

In the last year alone, Pinterest has seen record growth in the number of users. Beginning in 2020 with approximately 320 million monthly active users, as of April 2021 their user base is now at 459 million! If you were looking for an opportunity to expose your brand to a large audience, this is it. This overwhelming following has overtaken the number of users for both Snapchat and Twitter combined.

Pinterest Growth in South Africa

According to Statcounter, 32.8% of South Africans are using Pinterest.

Pinterest Marketing Opportunities

Pinterest is mainly accessed on its mobile app, with a whopping 85% of users pinning from mobile devices. As our generations move increasingly towards visual marketing, this is a brilliant opportunity for businesses of all sizes to be in the pockets of their potential customers by optimising their efforts to become mobile-friendly. This includes having a responsive website that users can click through to easily see what you have on offer.

60% Of Pinterest Users Are Women

This platform is what target-marketing dreams are made of! Businesses can customise and experiment with the content they are sharing and pinning on Pinterest to target their large female following. The stats do say, however, that their male following is increasing year-on-year, so marketers will do well to incorporate content targeted at men every so often.

More Than 25% Of Users Are Using Pinterest For Shopping

This is great news for businesses selling products. You can showcase your offerings using visually enticing images and incorporate handy tips that complement your products. Promoted Pins are also a great opportunity to encourage brand awareness and potentially bring in some new clients.

Learn More About Pinterest Marketing

Starbright can assist with your digital marketing efforts on Pinterest by optimising your SEO value on the platform, and more. We also offer interactive social media training that will give you the tools you need to perform well on all of your social media platforms.

Contact our team for more information, and start your best practices!