Marketing Material Design

Leaflet Design

When participating in a trade fair, show or exhibition, you need something to hand out to people who pass your stall. When doing person to person marketing, you cannot merely refer people to a website. If you are a good marketer, people will want to take something with to remember your company and its products and services by.

Starbright’s leaflet design service ensures that your leaflet catches attention and convincingly delivers the message. We pay attention to the quality, size and layout of the design as well as the content.

An added advantage of leaflets is that it can be e-mailed to your contacts and placed on your website. A leaflet that conveys the right marketing message is priceless.

Newsletter Design

Why Publish an e-Newsletter?

We live in an age where business is conducted via the Internet and effective Internet marketing efforts are becoming increasingly important.

E-mail newsletters are a cost-effective, convenient and reliable way to keep in regular contact with your clients. You are able to announce new products and services to all your customers without using a large amount of your budget or manpower.

Starbright will assist you in creating eye-catching newsletters that will include your logo and branding to emphasis your corporate identity. Our creative team will create the layout and design a look and feel to complement your other marketing efforts and we will provide relevant, up-to-date and enjoyable information that will encourage people to read and share your newsletters. We are also able to analyse the effectiveness of newsletters by tracking and measuring customer behavior.

Billboard Design

We know that everyone is competing to grab the public’s attention. The question is: how can Starbright help you make sure that your billboard leaves a lasting impression in such a competitive environment?

We create eye-catching, well designed billboards that display your branding and logo in a way that it will be remembered. Powerfully worded, unique and eye-catching billboards will ensure greater marketing success

Banner Design

A banner is an ideal marketing tool used to provide a quick overall glance at who you are and what you offer. If you are participating in an exhibition, trade show or corporate day, you need something visible and eye catching to draw attention to your stall or company space.

Starbright designs banners that capture the essence and personality of your company through the clever use of your corporate colours, logo and slogans. Our experienced designers will design an uncluttered, attention-grabbing layout to leave a long-lasting impression.

Some of our services include (but are not limited to) the following: