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Starbright is a Proud Leadtrekker Reseller

Did you know that the chances of converting a lead into successful business are 8 times higher if you contact the lead within 30 minutes? Being Online Marketing Specialists, we know how important leads are to your business and we’ve partnered with Leadtrekker to offer you a powerful tool which ensures that all your leads are managed effectively.

Leadtrekker is a lead management system that enables you to effectively convert more leads and optimise your marketing efforts. Leadtrekker not only tracks and stores all your leads in a central database but also ensures accountability of all your leads while measuring where your leads originate from.


Why Should You Consider Leadtrekker?

With Leadtrekker you can:

  • Improve lead response times, conversion rate and overall marketing ROI
  • Automatically capture leads from various online platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc
  • Set up lead escalation triggers to notify a manager if a lead is not contacted within a certain time frame
  • Ensure all leads are accounted for with automatic lead assignment based on the source of the lead

Website Integration

The best way for you to experience the power of Leadtrekker is to integrate your website with the system. This will mean that all your website leads are automatically captured on the system.
Contact Starbright today and we will gladly assist you with the integration of your website.


Other Leadtrekker Features

  • Compatible With Most Websites
  • Automatic lead assignment based on specific criteria
  • Real-time SMS & Email notifications
  • Measurable lead response time
  • Dynamic & flexible reporting


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