1. What Is G Suite?
  2. Some Benefits of G Suite for Business

Whether you’re an established company in search of upgrading your internal processes, or a new business looking for innovative tools to enhance productivity, G Suite is the way to go! G Suite offers multiple features that help simplify and optimise organisation and data sharing, no matter the size of your business.

What Is G Suite?

In a very condensed nutshell, G Suite is a set of secure cloud-based tools designed to improve business admin processes, productivity, communication and general organisation.

There are so many benefits that accompany G Suite, and with constant upgrades and changes implemented by the Google giant, there are even benefits inside of those benefits.

Some Benefits of G Suite for Business

Email and file management with added data security

G Suite admins have control of the company’s emails and files. They can customise their security and privacy settings and can remove users if need be without losing important information. Google has a total of eight data centres worldwide, storing your information on their servers securely. With Google’s backup generators powered by green efficiency, Google ensures G Suite users of 99.99% uptime.

Easily accessible

G Suite is compatible with every device and can be accessed from anywhere that has an internet connection. There are, however, some countries that have blocked Google.


G Suite allows users to have their business email on Gmail (i.e. It can also be customised to integrate with most CRMs, which helps your company to track leads more efficiently, and more. Your company’s logo can also be incorporated on all of your G Suite apps, to create a clear company corporate identity (CI).

Improved organisational collaboration

Because documents are shared on the cloud and can be worked on in real-time by team members. Changes will be saved automatically, and a history of changes can be accessed by team members for reference. This helps your team complete projects faster and gives them an organised file structure to reference from anywhere on their Google Drive. Documents can be searched globally in your organisation using ‘Cloud Search’ – one of G Suite’s Core Apps included in all of the G Suite packages.

Custom packages according to your budget

We give you options for G Suite pricing in South Africa, offered as a monthly subscription service. We set up your G Suite for you and offer remote support. Otherwise, Google also offers 24/7 phone, email and chat customer support.

G Suite: The Suite Spot of Productivity

Along with a wide range of other services, Starbright offers custom G Suite South Africa solutions, catering for unique business needs. Give us a shout to find out more about the tools we use to optimise your business.