1. Why You Need an SEO Consultant
  2. What to Expect from SEO Consulting Services
  3. Find an SEO Consulting Firm
SEO, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimisation is just that, it is the practice of optimising your website in order for it to rank highly on search engines such as Google. Search engines basically rate your website based on certain factors that are either optimised to their standards or not. If a search engine finds that your website performs well on these key factors it will display you higher when someone searches for something related to your company. It is essentially a search engine’s way of sorting the wheat from the chaff. Therefore, the answer to your question “Do I need an SEO consultant?” is, YES you absolutely do!!

Why You Need an SEO Consultant

SEO, like many other aspects of marketing, is a full-time job that requires a lot of experience. To do SEO properly takes a fair amount of time and effort and isn’t a once-off job, it is something that needs to be consistently maintained. SEO is also extremely sophisticated and complex, meaning that you need a lot of experience and knowledge to get the results you’re striving for. As an SEO is consistently monitoring your website they will be able to make small tweaks as time goes on to ensure your rankings steadily improve over time and remain in the number one spot once they have attained it.

What to Expect from SEO Consulting Services

There are a number of tasks that SEOs perform to achieve the results that you are looking for. Some of these tasks include:
  • Research: It all starts with research. An SEO will perform extensive research on your company and your industry to properly understand your business.
  • A Website SEO Audit: They will also perform an SEO audit to determine where all the faults lie on your current website and SEO strategy. They will then come up with a plan on how to make improvements.
  • Keyword Research: Keyword research is a large part of SEO and requires the SEO to think like the consumer. Keywords are the words and phrases that consumers type into a search engine. If you include these keywords in your website, your website should pop up when someone types it into the search engine.
  • Optimised Content Creation: Content is extremely important for SEO as this is where one inserts keywords in a specific fashion for them to be noticed or “read” by a search engine. SEO content should also convey information in simple terms.
  • Page Speed Optimisation: It is important for your website to load quickly, as consumers don’t wait around for information to load, but rather go looking for it somewhere else.
  • Link Building: The art of link building requires connections and the knowledge of what quality link building would consist of. SEOs will be able to reach out to other well-regarded websites to feature a link to your site which will provide your website with a lot of credibility.

Find an SEO Consulting Firm

When launching a website, performing Search Engine Optimisation should be at the top of your list and it is highly advisable to have a professional perform SEO on your website. We at Starbright have an experienced and knowledgeable SEO team that are experts within their field. Contact us at Starbright to see your website climb the ranks.