1. The Internet is Our Friend
  2. Change = Growth
  3. Being online isn’t optional anymore
  4. Getting Social During Desocialisation

COVID-19 has caused waves across the globe, and it seems that the effects are continuing to force changes to be made and mindsets to shift. Although this pandemic has created multiple challenges, humans are adaptable and will find ways to get around setbacks, and somehow emerge stronger – we always do. The important thing is to stick together (even while we’re apart) and find ways to stay focused, functioning and, most of all, optimistic.

One such challenge has been that businesses are taking a knock due to inactivity, especially over the lockdown periods. This doesn’t necessarily need to be the case for all businesses, and it doesn’t mean that encouraging brand awareness should come to a standstill.

The Internet is Our Friend

With the internet being the main source of communication, knowledge, collaboration and so much more, it is the golden thread that will hold businesses and people together. The internet connects us to the outside world (which we don’t have much access to at the moment, otherwise).

During isolation periods, people all over will be using the internet to find and gather information; whether it’s for when the lockdown period is over and they are searching for options, or they simply need to keep themselves occupied and productive. The bottom line is, people will be relying on Google and Social Media to find products and services now, more than ever before.

Change = Growth

“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.” – Alexander Graham Bell

Oftentimes it takes a major event to bring about significant change; change that can be very positive and beneficial. The COVID-19 situation is going to change the way businesses operate; individuals can choose to see this as a problem, or as an opportunity. We prefer the latter.

This hurdle doesn’t need to spell ‘doom’ for businesses; this is an opportunity to rethink the way business has been done by focusing on and considering the incredible online opportunities available. Embracing an online presence will have so many rewards right now; not only will businesses remain relevant, but they can also prove that they are innovative and can adapt.

Being online isn’t optional anymore

South Africans who were hesitant to move from brick-and-mortar operations before will need to see the value of being catapulted into a digital setting. At this point, it is the only way that businesses can continue generating revenue and awareness, whilst reducing the risk of closing.

This is a change that cannot be controlled, so it needs to be embraced. We are preparing now for what the future of business will look like.

Your business needs to be visible and available when someone searches for your products/services, and the best way to do this now is online. Even when people cannot physically visit your company, this storm will pass, and (if you have a strong enough product/service with online motivation) they will remember you.

Getting Social During Desocialisation

Social media is a powerful platform for businesses to inform their clients and/or followers about their own efforts to curb the spread of the virus. They’re also providing updates on relevant information to keep themselves top of mind.

In order to stand out, your online presence needs to be strong and engaging, as well as valuable. Show your audience that you care for your community, that you are part of the unity that our country has seen over this trying time. This will not only keep you on top of your mind, but it might inspire others to jump on being better and helping each other.

Starbright is a digital marketing company operating throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We don’t stop, because we have all the available resources and tools (the internet being the major one) to continue pushing forward. We are determined to help other companies get their foot in the digital door, assist where we can, and to ensure a smooth transition. Contact us, we’ll show you the way forward.