Corporate Identity & Brand Design

Logo Design

As the “face of you company” your logo needs to make a memorable impression. Extraordinary logos have been the backbone for many companies’ successes.
A solid logo design implies that you have a credible business that offers sound services and products.

At Starbright, our logo designs can be used on almost any marketing material and for every purpose.
These designs tell people in a fraction of a second who you are, what you stand for and what they can expect from you. Allow us to establish your brand and corporate identity and strengthen your marketing efforts.

Make an appointment with our design team and let us design the new face of your company.

Business Card Design

Starbright appreciates that a business card is a small, but powerful marketing tool and a reflection of your company.
We know that different professions need different business cards.

Our expert designers will design business cards with:

  • Interesting colours that complement your brand & business
  • Readable fonts & proper alignment
  • A clean & simple layout that suits the profession or industry you work in
  • All the necessary information without clutter
  • Correct language, spelling & attention to detail and the information that needs to be conveyed

Letterhead Design

Your letterhead identifies and serves as a representative of your company and it has to express your company’s personality.

Starbright designs letterheads with the specific client in mind. We design the letterhead to capture your business’s culture and personality and we know the essential information and requirements of the various types of businesses.

When designing a letterhead we attend to the following:

  • Ensuring that the logo is correct as the logo makes it an official document
  • Incorporating your corporate identity & brand
  • Including all the required information
  • Adding colours, border touches, lines, curves and images, while maintaining the credibility of the document
  • Adding a footer to give the letterhead symmetry

Corporate Brochure Design

Brochures not only serve as good leave-behind items when you visit clients face-to-face, but are also handy to send to people who are far away or people you are unable to meet.

Starbright believes that a corporate brochure should tell your company’s story in an informative and interesting way and should complement your website and other marketing efforts.

Through well designed and written brochures we instigate a call to action and we tell people where to go to get more information. We incorporate various creative design concepts and marketing ideas to design corporate brochures that will compete for attention.

Email Signature Design

How many emails do you send every day, every week and every year? Imagine the marketing potential of each email! 

An email signature is an effective advertisement of your company and it is an effective way to establish your brand every time you send an email.

The benefits of our email signatures:

  • Adds your stamp of approval on anything you email to anybody
  • Helps promote websites, blogs & your company as a whole
  • Increases traffic to your website content
  • You can have multiple signatures for various applications
  • Automatically appears at the bottom of all your emails
  • Can include your website address, social networking accounts, contact details & any other related link/address
  • Employing an expert to design your email signature means it will have all the elements necessary to stand out, blend in with your branding and leave a lasting impression on your consumers

Some of our services include (but are not limited to) the following: