1. 2020 Social Media Trends
  2. New Social Media Trends

While social media has been at the forefront of the digital age for a long time now, 2020 was definitely a year to appreciate the value of staying connected through each channel. With social distancing measures and an onset of very big lifestyle changes, many people turned to social media to share thoughts and feelings, to make light of heavy situations, to share their own experiences, and of course, to stay informed and entertained.

Social media has been used as a tool to stay abreast of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With channels such as BBC News sharing global updates, LadBible sharing heart-warming tales and funny titbits of how people everywhere are staying safe; social media has been the golden thread that keeps people feeling connected to their fellow and global communities.

2020 Social Media Trends

2020 saw a major boost in video content as predicted by many digital marketing experts. Social media platforms like Instagram (with stories, reels, and live streaming), TikTok, Facebook and others have seen a major demand for videos that shock, amuse, expose, and entice. It has changed many South African marketing strategies, as marketers stay on their toes to adapt to social media marketing trends, as well as set new ones.

New Social Media Trends

Working from a solid foundation and formulae, 2021 social media marketing trends will only amplify opportunities to get creative and push limits.

Video and Live Streaming

This trend will only expand as users can experience a host of information in a short amount of time and move on to the next (as we do on our feeds). A third of (millions of) social media users spend the majority of their time watching videos or live streams. Influencers use it to engage with their audiences, users share their experiences through these channels, and it creates a sense of being part of the moment. 2021 will see a rise in video content as the demand continues to climb.

Interactive Content

Interactive content is exceptionally useful for creating engagement between the brand and the user. People in general are keen to share their experiences, opinions, and insights. Many users use social media and digital platforms as a safety blanket to engage, as it makes them feel safe to share, where they wouldn’t ordinarily. Brands can create interactive content to get to know their audience and use insights to adjust their service offerings or simply to appeal to their customers and potential customers.

As much as it is important to create valuable social media content to keep your audience interested, it is also imperative to reciprocate communication. Marketers need to manage their social media platforms and engage with comments and likes. User-generated content is a great way for your audience to feel that they are involved, rather than simply spectating.

Stay connected while staying safe, and contact us for more information on social media marketing as well as training.