The Top 3 Google Marketing Strategies

Top 3 Google Marketing Strategies (Snippets, YouTube video, Google Ads)

Want to get to the top? They say the view is the best from there, so climb your way to the peak with these top 3 Google marketing strategies and watch the leads roll in. With a Google Premier Partner in your corner like Starbright we’ll get you there and tell you how we did it.

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Understanding the different Google Ad Campaigns and Ad Formats

Google Ads campaigns, and their respective formats, come in all shapes and sizes to best suit your business’ goals. You have likely seen them on websites, apps, YouTube and Google’ Search Result Page in the form of text, image, gif, or video ads. This article will help you to understand the difference between the various options available and their place in achieving your business goals. 

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Why Outsourcing Your PPC Google Ads to a Trustworthy Digital Marketing Agency is Best Practice

Digital marketing companies in South Africa often have trouble explaining why hiring an agency is better for business than attempting to take on Google Ads management in-house. Oftentimes businesses take on these responsibilities without truly understanding what they are, and the costs involved. We’ll attempt to highlight why a digital marketing agency will help you achieve what you need to with a PPC campaign package tailored to suit your individual business needs.

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