SEO is Very Much Alive and Kicking

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Ever since the first website that went live with a post claiming that “SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is Dead” the idea has been revisited. It was originally published in May of 2010, so it may be that eight years ago we had simply not yet unlocked all the possibilities of SEO, and so feared for the worst.

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How Google Ads Can Boost Your Holiday Business

Google Ads

‘Tis the season to be shopping. With bonuses being paid out and the general festive cheer creeping into the day-to-day grind has consumers ready to spend their hard-earned cash on gifts and other indulgences. But this is nothing new for savvy business owners who often capitalise on the season by placing ads in traditional advertising channels.

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Tracking everything you do in Digital Marketing is a non-negotiable

Marketing has always been an integral part of business success, however, tracking and measuring the success of a specific campaign or platform is extremely difficult.  Even in the digital age, it is hard to track the exact influence of every advert. Yes, you can see conversions in analytics and AdWords and even Facebook ads, but how do you draw a line between a specific advert to a specific deal or lead?

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