The Written Word and the Web

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Humanity’s ability to communicate through language has had its very own role in our evolutionary development. When the written word was first used it was for the purpose of getting something done; building a pyramid to be precise. This was the first instance where information could travel across space and time. Preserving and sharing knowledge changed history forever, in a way we are aware of because of the written word.

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Some Things You Didn’t Know About Copywriting

Here’s an inside scoop from an actual copywriter.

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How Google Ads Can Boost Your Holiday Business

Google Ads

‘Tis the season to be shopping. With bonuses being paid out and the general festive cheer creeping into the day-to-day grind has consumers ready to spend their hard-earned cash on gifts and other indulgences. But this is nothing new for savvy business owners who often capitalise on the season by placing ads in traditional advertising channels.

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