Why SEO And PPC Are Still Crucial During Lockdown and Covid-19

should you do google adds or seo during covid 19

With lockdown being enforced on 20% of the world’s population, many businesses started feeling it on their bottom-line and are subsequently cutting their SEO and PPC marketing budgets. With the uncertainty of the extent to which lockdown measures will be eased, there are many who question whether SEO and Google Ads (PPC) should still be pursued during this time. The answer is an unequivocal “Yes!”.

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The Benefit of Hiring Expert SEO Services

Professional digital marketing efforts go hand in hand with SEO (search engine optimisation) expert services. If you want your business to rank at the top on Google’s front page, it’s going to be worth putting budget behind Search Engine Optimisation. Professional SEO services ensure that the traffic to your site is maximised by improving your ranking on Google’s first page. It’s extremely rare that people click on page 2 of Google, so the first page is where you want your business to be!

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SEO Tips for South African Businesses

seo tips for businesses in 2020

Most digital-savvy businesses understand the value of SEO, and have implemented SEO strategies either independently or through a digital marketing agency. Reading through SEO tips is a great way to get clued up on the best practices, but with the everchanging landscape of the Google’s search functionality, finding the most up to date information is imperative.

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