You Need an SEO Audit, And Here’s Why

When you see the word ‘audit’ you think of combing through your financials to evaluate what’s really going on there. SEO (search engine optimisation) audits operate in a similar fashion, analysing your website to see how well it has been optimised for search engines. As the first step in any SEO services process, the following are the main benefits you stand to gain from with these audits:


3 Key benefits of SEO audits

Understanding what needs to improve

The best way to improve is to fix whatever might be wrong, and to do that you need to find the problems. These problems could be irrelevant keywords, slow website speeds, or pages that are difficult and inconvenient to work with. It could easily be something small that you might never even notice, but an SEO audit will find it and we will be able to provide you with solutions.


Discovering how you stack up against your competitors

Competition is part of business, so you want to know how well you compare and how you can beat them at what they are seemingly doing better. An audit provides the kick start your SEO services need here by identifying what your direct competitors are doing well and analysing their success. From there Starbright can provide you with an effective strategy to put you on even footing, or even above them when it comes to search engine rankings.


Planning for future improvements

Success is about looking to the future and planning to stay ahead. Part of our SEO services, informed by an audit, is to provide you with a winning strategy going forward. This includes identifying and recovering from penalties, implementing SEO copywriting, and adding meta-descriptions to your posts and pages, among others.


Keeping the success going: Monthly SEO services

Now that you are aware of the benefits of an SEO audit, you can understand that it’s only the beginning of a process towards great things for your online presence. As a digital marketing company we’ve seen and proven the results of monthly SEO services. With continuous consulting and reporting you are able to see exactly how your SEO strategies are faring, and you have access to expert advice on what more needs to improve. If something changes, as they do in the modern age, your monthly SEO services will have you covered by providing adapted strategies to reach your business goals.

Excellent strategy, right? Contact us and let our team of experts here at Starbright show you what SEO services and audits can do to get your business ahead.