Will Google’s Knowledge Graph Kill SEO?

seo and googles knowledge graph

By now it is public knowledge that most of Google’s profits come from Ads. It is pretty obvious that Google is trying to maximise their profits. Our latest discovery, thanks to a previous co-worker now living it up down under, will definitely have an impact on organic traffic.

The old knowledge graph will now be appearing just below the ads and will, therefore, push down all other organic rankings even further. We are not sure when this will roll out in South Africa, and the rest of the world, but we have no choice but to be prepared and update our strategies accordingly. This will mean not one organic ranking above the fold. See below:


If you have seen the Google booking system and how it changes searches for hotels & flights – the you would know that this step was in the cards. How this will impact SEO is a little uncertain, but with Google’s focus on accuracy, my educated guess is that local SEO will have a bigger impact on your organic traffic. One thing is for certain you will see a drop in organic, non-branded traffic.

Will Google force your hand to increase your AdWords budget?