Why Outsourcing Your PPC Google Ads to a Trustworthy Digital Marketing Agency is Best Practice

Digital marketing companies in South Africa often have trouble explaining why hiring an agency is better for business than attempting to take on Google Ads management in-house.

Oftentimes businesses take on these responsibilities without truly understanding what they are, and the costs involved. We’ll attempt to highlight why a digital marketing agency will help you achieve what you need to with a PPC campaign package tailored to suit your individual business needs.

 “Do I Need a Digital Marketing Agency or Can I Manage it In-House?”

When asking yourself this question as a business owner, you must follow it up with the following questions:

  • Do you have the time required to dedicate to the creation and management of PPC Google Ads campaigns? Depending on your budget, you should be spending at least 6 hours a month on optimising your Google Ads campaigns. It doesn’t sound like much, but this is nearly a full workday out of your regular business activities.
  • Do you have the expertise to manage campaigns successfully? To understand the basics of Google Ads (and become a certified Google Ads specialist), you need to pass 2 of their advertising exams with a final mark of 80%. According to Google, this will help you implement their best practices to get a good ROI.
  • Do you have the capital to pay for an in-house expert if you don’t have an employee that fits this description? If you’re running large campaigns and leaning towards employing someone full time, keep in mind that a Google Ads Specialist’s salary ranges between R 15 000 and R 80 000 per month (depending on experience). 

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, then you need the expertise of a digital marketing agency that specialises in Google Ads management to boost your business.

What a Digital Marketing Agency Can Offer in Terms of Google Ads Management Digital marketing agencies have the know-how, and right tools to continuously track and improve your results. Armed with Google Analytics and the support of Google, they’re able to make improvements to your ad campaigns (and website) as they monitor performance.

By hiring experts you ensure that your bids and targeting is constantly being optimised with the latest bidding strategies to drive better results.

By measuring and adapting, we follow Albert Einstein’s advice on insanity:

digital marketing services
Image by Mimsen.

Does the Digital Marketing Agency in Question Have the Expertise Required?

Unfortunately, you will need to figure this out for yourself by meeting with the digital marketing agency and investigating the work they have done for other businesses. However, one way to determine if the agency in question is a cut above the rest is to establish whether or not they are a Google Premier Partner. A Google Premier Partner (GPP) is the highest rank that can be achieved in the Google Partner Programme.

How Does a Digital Marketing Agency Become a Google Premier Partner?

In order to earn the Google Premier Partner badge, an agency must have passed Google’s strict qualifications. This includes:

  • Stellar customer service (measured by client retention).
  • A marketing budget dedicated to the client’s best interest (measured by client growth and ad spend).
  • A minimum of two employees dedicated to Google Ads and all the skills associated with this position (they’ve passed Google’s Fundamentals and a Specialisation exam).

What Advantages Do You Get from Google Premier Partners?

Other than bragging rights, the Google Premier partner also shows clients that:

  • The agency’s research on audiences and keywords is on point
  • In-depth analysis and detailed reporting are second nature
  • Uniquely designed strategies are employed to personalise clients’ ads
  • Exclusive support is easily accessible to our agents for quick results when there is a problem
  • Premier Partners’ managed accounts are first in line for updates

PPC Google Ads Experts are There to Inform You. Be Attentive and Ask Questions

When meeting with your PPC Google Ads expert be sure to ask lots of questions, and provide as much information as possible. This will help inform the Ads manager of exactly what you expect to gain from your Ads while keeping your brand voice and message intact. The more information you share, the better.

If you have a question(s), please ask. They are there to help you understand exactly how Ad campaigns are doing and should be providing you with regular reports so you can see the results for yourself. The expert will walk you through the report to ensure you understand everything being displayed by the results.

Now We Know

  1. Most businesses do not have the capacity to take on their own PPC Google Ads, therefore, outsourcing is the way to go.
  2. Digital marketing agencies have experts and the right tools to dedicate to your PPC Google Ads marketing campaigns.
  3. Choose to outsource from a digital marketing agency with a Google Premier Partner badge to ensure you are getting the best possible service.
  4. The Ads Manager is the expert, but you should understand the services you are paying for, so ask lots of questions and take note of the answers.

For professional digital marketing services and experts to run and manage your PPC Google Ads, contact us at Starbright. There is no time to waste!