What You Need to Know About WordPress Web Design

WordPress is a very popular website building platform. It has been around for more than a decade and provides a very solid infrastructure with great built-in security. WordPress will provide users with reliable tools while allowing a variety of customisations.

WordPress’ huge ecosystem of plugins and features is probably its most appealing factor. It is also familiar to most web developers, and allows users to operate the platform independently once it has been set up, ensuring the building and maintenance of the website of your dreams.

The Popularity of WordPress Web Design in South Africa

WordPress is well-known and widely used across South Africa as it has a host of benefits. It is beginner-friendly, has multiple plugins and templates, is built to be SEO-friendly, and provides flexibility.

WordPress is also free as it is an open-source platform. This means that you will not have to pay for the download – some plugins, however, may need to be purchased to enhance your WordPress experience, depending on what you need it to do.

You will have to pay for WordPress if you would like to own a custom domain name and require monthly hosting. You will then have to sign up with a web hosting company to register your domain and receive monthly hosting.

Do Professional Web Designers Use WordPress?

There is an array of professional web designers that use WordPress. In fact, WordPress powers 39.5% of all websites.

Do You Need a Web Designer for WordPress?

Everyone knows that a website is an essential for any business in the 21st century. However, it doesn’t help having a website that doesn’t look professional. If it looks like a website has been slapped together quickly or as if an amateur has built it, a business can and will lose credibility.

You can use a free theme to create your website on WordPress, but it will be a gamble. A WordPress web designer will be able to take your business brand and requirements, and build a website that can make your company goals a reality.

Problems that are commonly experienced whilst building a website include theme and plugin conflicts, browser compatibility issues, holes in security or hosting recourse issues. There are more difficulties that can arise, which is why it is advisable to hire an experienced WordPress designer rather than waste your time trying to do it yourself.

The Benefits of a WordPress Web Design Agency

There are multiple benefits of approaching a web design agency that specialises in WordPress and other website building platforms. Agencies know what works, and often work with a toolbox of themes and plugins that are authenticated and updated regularly.  Agencies have a streamlined development process that ensure you receive a high-quality website. Often there will be an entire team working on your website that includes content managers, SEO-specialists, graphic designers, and web developers. If you are in search of a web development agency, click here to find out more about how Starbright can help you create a website that can accomplish your business goals.