What is a Test Link from a Web Development Agency?

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Every business in the digital age needs a website, or will inevitably be left behind by failing to remain relevant in an evolving market. Professional website development companies make use of Test Links in order to provide quality assurance for the client before a website goes live.

What is Web Testing from a Web Development Agency?

Web testing allows professional web developers to check the web based system they have created from one end to the other and in every nook and cranny. This allows the developers to address any issues that may occur before the site is made available to end users in real time, otherwise referred to as going “live”. Testing is crucial to building clients successful and fully functional websites.

All you need in order to use a Test Link is a functioning web browser. Website development companies make use of this during the “test phase” to test the functionalities they have built before the website is available for public use on the internet. The extent of the testing necessary will vary depending on the functionalities and size of a website.

web development agency, website development companies

The Web Testing Checklist:

Web testing checks the following things before being made available to real time, online users:

  1. Functionality
  2. Interface
  3. Usability
  4. Compatibility
  5. Performance
  6. Security

1.Functionality Testing

This stage of testing ensures that all links, forms and database connections are valid and functional to ensure the information is making its way all the way from the web pages to the user, including Cookie testing.

2.Interface Testing

Once it has been ensured that the communication is on track and the compatibility of the website to the relevant software, hardware, networks and databases is present, things can move forward. Starbright’s website developers and hosting will take care of all of this for you.

3.Usability Testing

This is where the true test comes in, especially when the test link is shared with the client. The UX design will be put to the test ensuring that the general appearance is pleasing yet simple to navigate and use. 


The compatibility test is essential because if the website is not compatible with all browsers you are at risk of losing leads.

This includes everything from printing options to mobile compatibility as more and more people are making use of the internet on their phone for everyday internet use. Your website must be compatible with the smart device in everyone’s pocket. Your website cannot be considered fully functional, if it is not mobile friendly. That is the reality of the digital age we live in.


The performance testing is twofold; load testing as well as stress testing. Web load testing is to ensure the website can handle the number of visitors it is likely to receive during peak times and if it can handle these visitors and requests simultaneously.

Web stress testing is to see not only how it handles stretching and stress but how well it recovers after a crash. Both load and stress testing must be done on all compatible devices to ensure the website is ready to take on anything, across all platforms.


Website security testing is done to identify and repair any vulnerabilities that may be present on the website through methods like virus detection and integrity checkers.

Why Developers at Website Development Companies Use Test Links

Website developers working at a web development agency or website development companies make use of test links to ensure that the website they have built functions the way it should. The Test Link allows them to fix any small issues before the website is made available to online users.

Even once the website has gone live, the test link is kept synched with the live website so that if any updates security or otherwise are necessary they are properly tested before being committed to the live site.

The Test Link acts as a duplicate website which is essential for if something goes wrong. Oftentimes a client may make a change that causes a domino effect of problems. This can be enough to sink a website. With a Test Link backed up, all the code committed to ensure a functional website is live is still available and can be used as a backup in case of such an emergency. 

Why Clients Should Have Access to a Test Link Before their Website Goes Live

This is the final stage before going live, the client will be given access to the website’s test link. It also functions as a way for developers to show the client their progress throughout the website building process. After a while of using the test link, any issues should become clear to the client which he can point out to the web development agency before going live.

Even once the website has gone live the test link is kept synched with the live website so that if any updates security or otherwise are necessary they are properly tested before being committed to the live site.

As you, the client, request new content or changes as new features are introduced and developed you will be sent a test link containing these first. As with a website built from scratch, any changes first need to be tested and approved before going live.

For a professional web development agency that knows to put websites through their paces using a Test Link, contact us at Starbright.