What is a Google Premier Partner?

You may know that Google Partners is a Google program for advertising agencies, digital marketing professionals and other online consultants who manage AdWords accounts.

What you might not know is that to become a Google Partner, these agencies and consultants need to have the relevant Google AdWords certifications, meet certain spend requirements across their managed accounts and demonstrate performance by delivering strong client and company growth.

These are all very strong indications that the prospective agency or consultant will deliver good results on your AdWords campaigns by implementing Google’s best practices. However, there’s a next step on Google’s Partner program: The coveted Premier Partner Badge.

What makes Premier Partners so special?

In short, Premier Partners outperformed 90% of their peers in the way that they manage their client’s accounts and have influenced the growth of their businesses.

Some of the metrics that Google uses to establish performance include:

  • Managed accounts’ average quality score of keywords, indicating how well a campaign is set up to target the right customers
  • Managed accounts’ average click through rate, indicating relevant ads that match a user’s search intent and a good number of negative keywords that prevent your ads from showing up when it shouldn’t
  • A multipronged approach to Google AdWords strategies, by making use of several of Google’s advertising products to grow clients’ businesses
  • Proving the company’s overall performance in sales and client retention with growth in the managed ad spend
  • Implementing as much of Google’s product features to deliver the best results on client’s campaigns, such as sitelink and location extensions

These metrics are measured independently by Google and get reviewed by the agency every quarter to establish where they can improve.

What benefits you can expect from working with a Premier Partner

Some of the benefits business owners enjoy from working with Google Partners and Premier Partners include:

  • Lower costs per click: with higher quality scores businesses pay less per click for higher ad positions
  • Better return on investment: Partners know how to match a user’s search intent and cut out wasted advertising spend by adding the right keywords and directing them to the right landing pages
  • Better quality leads: Partners know that looking at stats isn’t the only indication of a campaign’s performance, but ensures that the right type of customer reaches their client’s business

Working with a Google Premier Partner agency, therefore, goes beyond just statistics that look good on quarterly performance reviews, and reaches into the realm of real business results produced through your marketing efforts.