Unlimited Events Group Company Launch

After experiencing a full launch put together by the Unlimited Events Group team, I have to admit, it is definitely an event I will never forget.

On 18 May, a few of us from Starbright attended the official Group Company Launch in conjunction with the Total Elephant Hotel.

We drove towards the hotel on the evening of the event, excited to see the fantastic evening the Unlimited Events team had woven together. We could see spotlights circling the sky and as we approached the outside of the venue. We walked down a long red carpet and were greeted with welcome drinks and friendly smiles.


The venue was bursting with creative energy and detailed with intricate décor and lighting. The team, in conjunction with Inspire Furniture Hire & Sales, showcased all their amazing furniture hire, décor, lighting, eats and drinks. We marvelled at the fantastic outdoor furniture settings and glittering lighting.



After we had enjoyed a few eats and drinks, browsed the outdoors and took some funky photos in the photo booth, we headed indoors. There, at both sides of the doorway, were virgin and non-virgin cocktails. The delicious cocktails were spruced up with colourful fruit. Just beyond the cocktail bars were massage chairs. Guests were able to relax and enjoy some pamper time during the course of the evening.


The event set up indoors was absolutely mind blowing. The lighting, sound, décor, tables and chairs, stages and overall atmosphere was incredible.


Eats were brought between the very content guests. Everyone was also free to visit the dessert table to help themselves to soft serve ice-cream, a chocolate fountain and other treats as well as the coffee bar and much much more! We enjoyed dancing, bands, prize handouts, food and a few special words from Alastair Laing, Unlimited Events Group CEO.



Thank you to Unlimited Events Group for showing us a really fantastic evening. You not only hosted a wonderful event, but you also put your hearts into making sure that every single guest had a fantastic, memorable time. On behalf of the Starbright team, thank you for letting us be a part of the magic!

The amazing pictures were taking by Unlimited Photos.