Tracking everything you do in Digital Marketing is a non-negotiable

Marketing has always been an integral part of business success, however, tracking and measuring the success of a specific campaign or platform is extremely difficult.  Even in the digital age, it is hard to track the exact influence of every advert.

Yes, you can see conversions in analytics and AdWords and even Facebook ads, but how do you draw a line between a specific advert to a specific deal or lead?

Knowing where your quality leads are coming from provides the decision makers with the right information to ensure they allocate and reinvest in the right platforms and campaigns. This is why I believe that if you invest in digital marketing, you have no choice but to invest in a proper Lead Management or CRM system.

Why should you invest in a proper Lead Management System?

  1. Track everything you do so that you know the actual rand value of every campaign, newsletter or platform.
  2. See the conversion rate of every campaign, newsletter or platform.
  3. Ensure that leads don’t fall through the cracks. We have seen many leads get lost in spam folders, stuck at the hosting company or even just forgotten about.
  4. Create a database for future use.
  5. Track sale personal performance, response time and make sure your team is accountable for every lead.
  6. One of my favourite aspects of being an online marketer is that I can get notified if there is a drop in leads can react accordingly. Working with an LMS within an agency helps our marketing team be more proactive and improve our overall service.

What are the Basic Non-negotiable Features of a Lead Management System?

  1. Alert sale personal via email & SMS to improve response times.
  2. Keep track of communications & customer contact verification.
  3. Auto assign leads to avoid a bottleneck in the sale pipeline.
  4. Escalate a lead if the response time is not satisfactory.
  5. Make sure that you can:
    1. Track leads from the website with Custom URLs, Cookies & AdWords custom parameters.
    2. Track the source/page or contact form.
  6. Set up alerts to ensure that you know the moment your leads dry up; this way you can deal with the problem immediately.
  7. Reporting is a key part. Make sure you and your marketing have easy access to reports. Being able to pull full reports on an LMS is crucial. With the right knowledge and graphs, these stats could be the reason you see your bottom line grow.

Know the ROI of your marketing activities; Focus budget on what works.

Here are a few popular LMS & CRM tools:

  • Salesforce
  • Leadtrekker
  • Hubspot

I prefer Leadtrekker due to price, convenience and the Drupal installation module available. It as an affordable and simple to use tool for a 1 man show and still complex enough for an enterprise or franchise. Leadtrekker has office hours, has telephone support and is a South African based company.  Their pricing is all inclusive and they can assist you with AdWords and Email integration.