Top Three Online Marketing Rules: The Road to Digital Success

Three online marketing rules you should follow

There are some online marketing rules when it comes to doing it successfully. Some rules were meant to be broken, sure. These should be strictly followed if you hope to have digital marketing success.






Three online marketing rules you should follow


Your Website MUST be Mobile Friendly

This is of the utmost importance so it must not be confused with “responsive” websites. A responsive website does not equate to a mobile friendly website. Mobile friendly websites have been coded to be a well-designed website that functions and has taken UX into consideration for computers and mobile devices.

What about the smart phone/mini-computer in everyone’s pocket? It needs to be mobile friendly in that the screen size is accounted for and the user can see the content in easy-to-understand parts, or bite-sized chunks appropriate for the screen. If not, your mobile users will use the next best thing and you have lost a potential customer. The page needs to load quickly and its layout needs to be deemed a mobile friendly website and legible to be a true success.

Mobile users convert more often than desktop users, more than twice as often. The adaptive nature led to Google indexing mobile pages in 2018. So, a website that isn’t user friendly won’t rank organically as well despite any of your SEO efforts. Which brings us to our next rule: online marketing to influence ranking factors, but done right!

Online Marketing without Keyword Research is Time and Money Wasted

The three most important factors that need to work in unison for SEO to be successful is link building, content marketing and keyword research. Professional keyword research has to be the first step in your online marketing efforts because this is where you target your audience; those most likely to convert. Content marketing is among the top rated digital marketing techniques.

A professional SEO strategist working with professional content services can help you to rank organically, it doesn’t just happen. Specific keywords are chosen based on your target market by your professional SEO strategist to reach your marketing potential. In a nutshell, your targeted audience will see your content when searching particular keywords when you properly use the right keywords, backed by research. Top rank is great, first page is good – but page two of a Google Search is a veritable ghost town. Sticking with keywords that work to reach the people asking particular questions or names of products is the way to go, and if you have a huge competitor, that doesn’t mean an SEO and content team can’t make you a contender or even a household name.


Three online marketing rules you should follow


Remarketing to People Who Have Already Visited your Website Before

Maybe you were “window shopping” on your computer and clicked on a product that looked like a bargain, but decided against it for whatever reason. So, the person visited your website but didn’t convert. Remarketing is now seeing the same product advertised in your web browser via display, text and video ads. With Google Ads, we can show particular visitors an Ad that is for the same or similar products on the same website. You can direct them to the page they are most likely to convert if the first few were unsuccessful by customising your remarketing Ads. The same is true of not showing a viewer the same Ad for something they have converted for before. In other words, what would be the point of showing someone an Ad for something they have already purchased, right?

These Google Ads targeted to people who have already visited your website are more likely to click-through and convert. If you get professional Google Ads services you can pretty much guarantee that you will have conversion success. These experts know exactly how to retarget and change tactics for more conversions if necessary.

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