The Top 3 Google Marketing Strategies

Top 3 Google Marketing Strategies (Snippets, YouTube video, Google Ads)

Want to get to the top? They say the view is the best from there, so climb your way to the peak with these top 3 Google marketing strategies and watch the leads roll in. With a Google Premier Partner in your corner like Starbright we’ll get you there and tell you how we did it.

Google’s Featured Snippets

Google’s featured snippets is an innovation included to enrich the user’s experience. The snippet provides a quick and easy way for people using the search engine to get the answer to their query in the fastest and most comprehensive way possible. Featured snippets are not to be confused with OneBox. There are three types of featured snippets:


  1. Paragraph – this is simply a text answer with an image that comprehensively answer a question or provides a definition as can be seen in the example below. They also make up the vast majority of featured snippets.

Top 3 Google Marketing Strategies (Snippets, YouTube video, Google Ads)

  1. List – your answer in the form of a list, it could be of items, people, places or steps to completing a task. This is especially popular for how-to guides like recipes. See the example below:

Top 3 Google Marketing Strategies (Snippets, YouTube video, Google Ads)

  1. Table –  comparative data or any information best displayed in table form, like the PPC Management Pricing example below:

Top 3 Google Marketing Strategies (Snippets, YouTube video, Google Ads)

If you can occupy the space that gives the user exactly what they need you will quickly become the authority on the subject. You must organically reach the top of the Google Search Results and comprehensively answers the query. This can be achieved with the help of a team of professional SEO experts.


How YouTube is a Key Player in Successful Google Marketing Strategies

YouTube is an effective marketing tool to make use of when building your Google marketing strategies. It has the power to build awareness, grow loyalty and drive sales. We watch a billion hours of YouTube videos each day, still far outranking Netflix and Facebook videos combined. 70% of YouTube videos watched are watched from mobile devices.

Video content is growing exponentially in popularity and when you successfully identify your target audience, investigate the competition and optimise your channel’s SEO you are well on your way. Now, all that’s left to do is post, and consistently so. People can learn to do just about anything on YouTube, this is a huge part of its attraction. With a proper internet connection and the right know-how, there is no reason your marketing dream team cannot get you to the top of the thousands of constantly updated videos.

If video content isn’t for you at this moment you could always buy YouTube Ads, learn about the different kinds of YouTube Ads here.


Google Ads: Still The Most Instantly Rewarding form of Digital Marketing

Google Ads are the most rewarding way to get leads and get to the top of the leader board instantly. This, however, is only the case if your professional Ad account manager is on top of their game and constantly innovating which is what you can expect from Starbright’s team of Google Premier Partners.

Forbes lays out 5 great reasons your business needs Google Ads in their article 5 Reasons Your Business Should Use AdWords. We only need to give you one reason to use Google Ads from Starbright, it works! Contact us to get one of our experts handling your account as soon as possible.