Take Off for Success with a Quality Website

digital marketing websites

In today’s internet-centric age having a company website is an absolute necessity. And that’s just so that customers can find you. To be truly successful in the digital age you need to have a high-quality website that shows off your personal brand and excellence while also attracting and keeping interest. It’s a challenge, that’s for sure, but with a professional digital marketing and website development team like ours here at Starbright to get you going, the limits of success are way up past the stars.

People like pretty things


Beauty may be skin deep, but websites don’t have skin. You need to make those insides aesthetically appealing to attract viewers and keep them so you can generate leads and turn them to sales. This involves a combination of:


  • effective colour use to exhibit the tone and mood of your business
  • relevant and striking graphics to attract the eye as well as show off exactly what you are all about
  • and clear and well-spaced text to ensure an easy and not-too-intensive reading experience to inform your potential clients about your business.


These elements are about what people see, and our in-house design specialist will make sure that you get all of this in the perfect balance to appeal to your audience. And with the help of our entire creative team you can be sure your website’s visual appeal will be absolutely stunning.

Be user friendly with User Experience (UX) design


A common mistake many website companies make is focusing on the user interface (UI) over actual user experience (UX). This means that designers and developers are focusing on making sure that their websites work, while not putting any thought into how the user will experience navigating your company’s website.


By focusing on both UI and UX when developing your website we keep the user’s experience and interaction with your site in mind. Here at Starbright we make use of innovative Content Management Systems (CMS) to ensure that we give you a website with easy editing of content, flexible design and a whole bunch of action and analysis options. Functionality, aesthetics and ease of use for both you and the visitor are the kind of solutions you should expect from your chosen web development company.


Just like how you keep going back to your favourite restaurant, your company’s website will be a favourite that keeps drawing new and old users alike, because they enjoy it.

Deliver relevant, captivating content


Now, on top of your text being clear you need the words themselves, the content, to be exciting and captivating. The reality of the web is that you only have a few seconds to attract your users with powerful headings and insightful, informative opening lines. Even if you know how to string a few words together, being able to write captivating content is a very particular skillset.


Great news for you, we go beyond just being a website company by making use of an qualified, experienced team of in-house copywriters who prioritise giving your website the best possible content to show off your brand and its unique personality.


We go beyond just writing words for your users to read by adding in SEO-friendly copy (Search Engine optimisation) to get your site right up there on Google searches. This involves cleverly placing keywords related to your industry in your content so that when those words are searched, your website is found.


There is so much that could be said, but you’d rather see results than just words, right? Give us a call and see for yourself why we’re the brightest star of the web development companies in Pretoria.