Some Things You Didn’t Know About Copywriting

Here’s an inside scoop from an actual copywriter.

To start things off correctly: No, copywriting services have nothing to do with copyrights – sure, some of what we write will be copyrighted material, but that is by no means the focus. However, this is not the only misconception surrounding the field of copywriting. So, here’s an inside scoop from an actual copywriter.

We don’t just write

It is true that as copywriters our main job is to write content, but there is more to it than simply putting the metaphorical pen to paper. There is a wide variety of copywriting services available, like website copywriting and SEO copywriting. The type of copywriting you engage in determines your methods and your focus.

One area focus shared by all copywriters, though, is research. Part of our unique skillset is being able to take on any client and write for them, on any topic, no matter how unfamiliar it may be. Especially in SEO copywriting – which, as you will have noticed, is focused on marketing – it is important to know as much as possible about the client, their products/services and their industry. For a piece which may take up an hour of writing time, we often spend easily twice that if not more on research. So writing is really a rather small, but very skilled, part of what we do.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) copywriting

At Starbright solutions, we mainly work with SEO copywriting, which involves using keywords to market our clients’ products, services and brands. The trick is, we need to write well because these keywords must be a natural part of good quality content in order to improve Google’s trust in our client, thereby placing them higher on the search results list. For instance, if you were to search for information on SEO, and we want you to find our website, we need to make use of intelligent content that uses SEO as a keyword.

As a case in point, look at how many times the words “SEO copywriting” have been slipped throughout this article. Ordinarily, you wouldn’t have noticed it, because we make sure it fits in organically and professionally. Once again, this requires quite a bit of consideration and practice that goes beyond simply writing.

The big one: Communication

As you can see, there is a lot more to our writing process than most people realise. But still, none of that matters if we do not communicate with our clients. Before we write anything we make sure we know what our client wants from every article, as well getting to know their brand identity and building business relationships. We can write a very stiff and formal article for a holiday resort, but what if they actually want to come across as more informal, free and fun? The reality is that we write for our clients, not ourselves, and so we give you exactly what you want, in your own flavour.

This is what we do, and we know how to do it well. Feel free to communicate with us and find out how you can benefit from our copywriting services.