social media marketing

Before we even know it the year 2017 will be a thing of the past and we will be opening our arms to welcome what 2018 has in store. For us, in the social media department, this also means preparing fresh strategies and ideas for our clients for the upcoming year.

So we did some research on the social media trends for 2018 and we must say they do look quite thrilling. Let’s go through them together:

1.The surge of Chatbots

Some of you might have noticed some automatic replies when you engage with a Facebook page on messenger. Well, these are known as chatbots and in 2018 we will be seeing a great surge in their use. Chatbots give companies the chance to communicate with their audience quickly while at the same time making it feel personal to each follower so it would definitely be something to consider in 2018.


2.Increase ROI on social media

Social media will thrive in making the path to purchase shorter by enabling the opportunity for a sale to occur while on social media platforms ensuring that sales are transacted quicker.


3.Goodbye organic reach

If you are expecting measurable results from your social media it is time to get comfortable with the fact that organic reach is deteriorating and social media platforms are becoming a premium platform to advertise on. If you want to reach more people and get the results that you are hoping for you should consider paid advertising on your chosen platforms.


4.The growth of video

Videos will be a game changer in social media marketing and as we have already seen video content is taking social media platforms by storm! In 2018 video content will grow even more valuable for engagement and brand awareness so it is definitely a trend that is here to stay.

5.Influencer marketing

Consumer trust is declining and the focus is shifting to peer reviews and advice from others. That is why influencer marketing will continue growing in 2018 as people are looking for more human and relatable reviews of products instead of what the company is selling.


These are the trends that will change the way we do social media marketing in 2018 and we are sure that there will be even more innovative developments emerging in the upcoming year.