SEO is Very Much Alive and Kicking

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Ever since the first website that went live with a post claiming that “SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is Dead” the idea has been revisited. It was originally published in May of 2010, so it may be that eight years ago we had simply not yet unlocked all the possibilities of SEO, and so feared for the worst.

Marketing companies in Pretoria are very much aware of how SEO works and how to provide comprehensive SEO services geared to help your company’s page rank. Digital marketing companies have proven that those who “feared for the worst” when it comes to SEO are unfounded by using it to increase clients’ brand awareness, ranking and leads.

Co-dependant Relationship between User and Search Engine

For search engines to exist and function properly they need to make use of SEO. If you look at it from a user and search engine relationship angle they are simpatico, peas in a pod, mutually beneficial; whatever you want to call it, they need each other.

For Google to maintain its popularity and prestige it needs to deliver results. To deliver the results users expect they expect, search engines like Google have to make use of SEO. SEO is a large part of what makes Google successful, and for SEO to die would require Google to die as well…and that’s not happening anytime soon, because users will continue to use it.

The fluid and intangible nature of SEO and its results mean a lot of people simply don’t believe it is working, which leads to further claims by sceptics that “SEO is dead.”

SEO is Constantly Changing, Not Dead

People who believe SEO can die must then believe that it is the ultimate cyberspace phoenix that continuously rises from its supposed ashes. It can be argued that SEO is “reborn” and with each SEO Renaissance, it becomes more efficient.

New York bestselling author, Neil Patel, points out that one of the ways in which SEO is constantly growing still has to do with the way people use search engines. People generally complete sentences when speaking more so than when typing keywords into Google, so long-tail keywords are used more frequently as more people begin using the voice search options like Siri. This causes more conversational searches to be displayed as the top result more often.

As long as search engines exist and people use them SEO will be applicable, relevant and very much alive. If you need a digital agency to breathe new life into your marketing efforts feel free to contact us at Starbright and we will handle everything from SEO services to website development.