New Facebook Updates And What You Need to Know About Them

There are few things as exciting (or frustrating) as opening Facebook in the morning and finding that things look a little different. The fun starts when you have to try to figure out what exactly these changes mean, and how they will affect your Facebook marketing.

For the Average-Joe the new Facebook updates may not mean much, but for businesses, there are a few things you may want to take note of when it comes to marketing on Facebook.

For the Average-Joe, you will notice that company Facebook pages look a little different.

  • The profile picture now displays on the left-hand side of the page instead of over the cover photo.
  • The tabs show on the left-hand side now, instead of under the cover photo.
  • Reviews, visitor posts, videos, photos, etc. show on the right-hand side and not the left.
  • The call to action button (call now, shop now, contact us, etc.) is now a little bigger and more obvious – so click on it, please!


Also, you may notice that your Facebook news feed is different. Facebook is making your news feed more family and friend-centric, which means more of your friends’ life updates, and fewer adverts, sponsored posts, and company posts. By doing this Facebook hopes to increase the volume of original, unique content, and minimise the sharing of posts by brands and publishers.

What other updates are in store and what does this mean for marketers?

Layout changes:

  • You may want to update your company cover photo.
    Most cover photos are designed with a gap where the profile picture used to be. Now that the profile picture has moved there are a few awkward looking cover photos.
  • Pay more attention to your call to action button.


Not only is the button bigger and more obvious, you are now also given weekly updates on how many people clicked on the button, right on your home page. Ensure that you have a good call to action and that your button leads to the correct place.

Newsfeed update:

While the news feed update may be great news for individuals, this isn’t such good news for marketers. We will now have to pay more to reach the same audience as we “fight” for our place in people’s news feeds. Unfortunately, this means brands may be forced to add more budget to their Facebook marketing campaigns.

The 20% text rule is out the window (woo-hoo!):

Your text no longer needs to fit into a 20% box. It will now be rated OK, low, medium, or high. The good news is that you can run ads with more text. The bad news is that the more text your ads have the lower the reach will be. Be careful not to get too confident with this new rule and throw text around like confetti – lower reach means lower conversions. 



Facebook is adding maps to your ads (how cool!):

To improve local awareness campaigns Facebook is adding maps to local awareness ads. This will allow for people to get directions from the adverts from either a map card, including a map pin, distance to the business location, operating hours etc., or by clicking on a “get direction” call to action button.

This will allow marketers to measure and report on store visits from Facebook ad campaigns.

According to Facebook:

“The store locator shows a map of all of the locations that a business has nearby. People can click on the map in the advert to view information about nearby locations. Without leaving the advert or app, they can view the address, opening times, phone number, website and estimated travel time for each store.”





You can now reach people who are not on Facebook with Facebook adverts:

The audience network that you can reach through Facebook ads will soon be expanding rapidly. Facebook ads will no longer be visible on Facebook alone, but will also be visible on third-party sites and app. This means anyone who has ever visited Facebook, and not just registered users will be able to see your adverts on other sites. This will mean that you can reach a lot more interested people with your Facebook ads, and your relevance score may increase as well.

There is still a while to go before this update is implemented – but we will keep you updated!

Starbright will be implementing these new updates into our Facebook marketing strategies as they are rolled out. There are exciting times ahead when it comes to Facebook and we cannot wait to get started!