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There’s more to hosting than just hosting

You already know what web hosting means. If your company has a website, it is being hosted somewhere. Did you know, however, that your hosting option could be making or breaking your online presence?

Your priority may be security – and rightly so – but cloud computing offers features such as scalability which is a hosting solution that adapts to your (inevitable, especially if you have a great digital marketing campaign) growth!

Aren’t traditional methods always better?

No – innovation is essential. Tradition is simply a single pillar of progress.

Think of traditional hosting as if it were renting a property; the rooms are yours to use as you please. You can store items there and lock the doors to keep the contents of the home safe. But when you entertain, your guest list is prescribed by the space available to you. Your landlord won’t offer you an extra patio when you want to have a birthday bash.

Hosting the traditional way limits your resources as you stand to overload the servers when your website sees a sudden spike in traffic. In keeping with the metaphor, cloud computing allows you to invite as many friends as you would like, to a virtual rendezvous.

While the extra, essentially infinite, space is desirable, one of your primary aims, according to how we know our clients, is to make the necessary provisions for disaster recovery.

So many businesses are driven by data and information; your information comprises your assets. This is why you set out looking for superb IT support and Internet security. If your company data gets lost, it’s more than just an inconvenience. But think of the essence of a disaster. It can involve black hat hacking where one is a victim of the crimes of cyberspace, but physical disasters are real too. You asserted that what is traditional is tried-and-tested but did you consider that virtual hosting is just about immune to the effects of physical disaster that would surely affect traditional hosting servers?

Accommodate more users!

Finally, while there are definite threats that you want to keep out, your business will also benefit from the inclusion of more users; an internal file server which acts as a storage unit that is completely centralised, is the way to go. Every employee can save work to the server so that all the value being generated, is retrievable. Today, we trade in pixels and bytes so value and protect them according to their unique characteristics. Back them up to the almighty cloud.