Marketing Content vs. Content Marketing

Starbright provides both Content Marketing and Marketing Content, knowing the difference is crucial. Luckily, we are here to explain the difference and provide both services.

Marketing Content

Marketing content that is placed on a website or other platform must be constructed by the writer to be easily understandable by any audience. Marketing content is not there to create desire among the buyers but to inform them once they know what they want.

By the time your website copy is read by your audience, it is seamless. Great copywriters know how to hide their work in the same sense they make you “show your work” in math class. You will never know how many drafts or changes have been made before that crisp final product hits the page. That is what makes us experts at what we do when acting as the architects of your website’s foundation, the content.

Content Marketing from a Digital Marketing Agency

Carefully crafted marketing content is different from Content Marketing in that marketing content is, generally speaking, created once off. Content Marketing is an ongoing strategy in order to craft your brand’s voice and image to offer your following an enriching experience rather than simply promoting the business. This constantly reinforced voice gives the audience what they want and need, consistently. Consistently educating and stimulating your audience form the backbone of online Content Marketing. Ultimately Content Marketing aims to drive profitable customer action, but without it feeling that way.

Content Marketing is about creating an audience who return to absorb the content you post, time and time again. With a loyal and ever-growing following, Content Marketing can be used to achieve a number of things:

  • Create content that meets your following’s needs and builds trust.
  • Spread content for the audience, not the boss.
  • Be different by creating original content that stands out.
  • Give insight and information no one else will share.
  • Achieving the maximum behaviour change in engagement with minimum content.

“We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.”

– Craig Davis


Content Marketing – With a Little Help from its Friends

Content Marketing prefers not to exist alone, its greatest strength lies in its knack for making friends. When combined with other digital marketing services available like SEO, Google Ads and Social Media you can consistently deliver the level of Content Marketing your following has come to expect from you.

SEO, Google Ads and Social Media will help you be seen and make an impression, after that it is up to Content Marketing to inform, educate and entertain your following of the goods and services rather than give them a pitch. Know why you are creating content and the rest will come naturally. Making use of design, video, podcasts, infographics and brilliant writing you can build trust and ever-importantly, retain clients who will subscribe and share your content.

Using the platforms and tools made available by digital marketing services Content Marketing is virtually unstoppable, able to branch out in multiple directions. With a great copywriter, designer, SEO and Social Media expert in your corner you can create a following to put you on the map in no time.

Trust the Starbright Team to create Content Marketing campaigns that put your business in the spotlight and keep your audience coming back for more valuable content. If you create remarkable content people will remark on it, which increases shares and engagement across all platforms.

For more information on how digital marketing services can help you achieve your marketing goals, contact us at Starbright.