Wian Bouwer is a developer at Starbright and he was asked to share some departmental insights. He interpreted the request so creatively: ‘The Life of A developer’ is a raw and sincere narrative reflecting the passion and hard work that characterises web development.  

The Life of A developer


by Wian Bouwer


A Developer once was asked

a article you shall write

so i decided screw that

a poem would be a delight


I cant write articles

i am not a wordsmith

I said no to writing this piece

but you will said Manager Smith


I asked what i should say

should i look at wikipidias?

Web development/working at Starbright

Look at Starbright’s blog for ideas


So Here i go

please dont judge

i told you i cant spell

so please dont hold a grudge


Seven Score and 30 years ago

The year was around 1988

Web development has started

or so wikipedia said.


I was stopped right there

you cant say that

can i write about being a developer

and she said i will allow that


I am a developer by day

and more offen by night

I enjoy what I do alot

even if its costing me my sight


There are allot of things to know

like the syntax and languages

so lets start simple

and talk about the advantages


Creating something from nothing

and getting your code to work

Making it responsive

and achieving things through teamwork


Getting that fuzzy feeling

from deep inside

Yes i have done it

feeling a sense of pride


Getting the things done

enjoying the energy

Making sure your solutions

doesn't all involve jQuery


There is a huge difference

between design and development

please dont call us designers

its not to be arogant


design is making the blueprint

if you will the doctors knife

development is the defibrillator

it gives the design life


We’re passionate, committed,

dynamic and sometimes even driven

We’ll ensure your websites

sins are all even forgiven


Being a developer

is so much fun

I cant even explain to you

i have hardly begun


Working at starbright

is better. then it seems

we joke, drink and write poems

Even make Employee Memes


Playing pool, darts

and even sharing laughter

Thats what everyone needs.

What everyone goes after


i will thus end my poem

right now and here

I Work at starbight as a developer ,

not Shakespeare.