Learn “how to” Social Media

Social Media is one of those things that is usually a last priority in a larger businesses’ marketing strategy. or the only tactic in the marketing strategy of many smaller businesses. Often, social media is “dumped” on an unsuspecting employee with a casual “… you like Facebook right, Margaret? Will you just posts something on our company page from time to time?” Terrible idea!

While social media is “only social media”, is it also the place that people go to find out more about your company. Your social media pages have the following “secrets” to tell:

  • What others think of your company (reviews and visitor posts)
  • Who your staff are, and how you value your staff
  • What you have to offer, and how popular you are compared to your competitors (who has more page likes and followers?)
  • How much you care about your clients and what they have to say (do you respond to comments and complaints?)
  • Can you be trusted?

Yes, social media is about instilling trust in potential clients/buyers. It is often the first impression – and we all know that first impressions count.

So the question is: Why would you put something so valuable as your marketing, and the “first impression” of your company in the hands of someone who cannot, or is not interested in doing the job?
Not all companies have the luxury of affording a digital marketing company to do their social media marketing however. For this reason, we offer social media training – so that you can equip yourself, or the person who runs your social media, with the tools and knowledge needed to do the job to the best of your/their ability.

We will not only teach you the step-by-step processes needed to run a successful social media marketing campaign, but strategy, theory and best practices as well.

Who should attend social media training?

  • Business owners who want to manage their own social media pages and social media advertising
  • Those working in social media who want to improve their skills and knowledge of social media
  • Students and job seekers looking to expand their skill set

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