Keep Tabs On Social Media Trends

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Fellow social media management companies or businesses managing their own social media pages, listen up! Change is a guaranteed constant when it comes to social media and the only way you can truly optimise your marketing strategy is if you are always ready to adapt it.

 Accept that this is the essence of the marketing channel you’ve chosen and keep tabs on the associated trends so that your marketing efforts suit your audience, their environment and the various social networks. But how, you ask. We have some simple tips that come from sheer experience. #LetUsShowYouHow

1. Peruse your personal timeline

Don’t trust a skinny chef – nor a social media account manager who does not frequent his or her own Facebook homepage and Instagram feed multiple times an hour! And while we never ever exaggerate, it’s actually true: you’re more likely to be privy to the conversations happening out there if you’re a part of them. Take note of the types of adverts you are seeing, the way other brands are engaging with their audiences (including your friends) and which stories are the most compelling. Start by simply being present, perceptive and online.

2. Subscribe to reliable blogs and YouTube channels

All you have to do is disclose your email address and you can receive emails notifying you of new trends! Certain social media blogs and YouTube channels publish content at least once a day – because yes, that’s how fast change happens – and a lot of it might apply, or be useful, to you. Don’t get too busy to read or listen to what these trend-trackers are saying as that’s what the reminders are for. Analyse their insights, experiment, and actively implement change.  Then don’t forget to monitor the performance of your new implementations because the research you’ve gathered might be too context-specific, and your client or brand could be too unique to see the same (anticipated) success.

3. Like, comment and share what you know

Talk. Talk to your friends, your family, your colleagues and the brands you support. Listen. Actively listen to what everyone is saying about social media – and everything else – and store this information at the top of the in-tray of your brain. Respond. Share your ideas, your research and your observations with those willing to receive them. We’ve all heard about the cognitive benefits of workplace small talk, but are you taking advantage of these communication lines? If you find an impressive social media statistic on Starbright Solution’s Facebook page, tag Deborah who sits across from you! Noticed that your social media management software has a new functionality? Broadcast this information to your social office! Like, comment and share.

4. Rummage beyond the hashtags

The trends we are referring to are about more than just what is trending on social media. Keeping tabs on popular hashtags can be advantageous, yes, but to illustrate what we really mean, consider your digital marketing strategy as a whole; are the different elements complementing each other? Investigate the measures that your Google Ads specialists are taking and the types of SEO services being utilised, as well as the brands’ industry trends. Integrate your discoveries in your updated social media strategies going forward.