How Much Does SEO Cost in South Africa?

Just like with any service offering, digital marketing prices will differ according to your needs; the same applies to SEO. There are different SEO packages that you can choose from, each one involving alternate levels, and amounts of work. Getting a package that works for you is imperative for fitting your budget and your unique business’ needs – this will ensure that you optimise where you need to, whilst taking it easy on your pocket.

What Do SEO Experts Do?

Unless you have ventured into the world of SEO before, it can be quite easy to make assumptions about the amount of work that goes in to helping your company rank higher on Google. SEO experts complete multiple tasks that involve different processes and timelines. Exploring SEO packages can help determine which price is the best fit for you, with a clear breakdown of tasks that will be completed to achieve a set of results.

How Much to Charge for SEO: Starbright’s Approach

SEO packages offered by most digital marketing companies can be quite rigid. Starbright is moving away from this approach, because we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to SEO.

There are many factors to take into account such as:

  • Your industry / niche
  • Your website
  • Your needs
  • Your competition
  • Your goals

Some SEO Terms Explained

As mentioned above, there are many factors involved in boosting your SEO rankings. Explained below are some of the terms that may come up in conversation when you’re talking to your SEO expert:

Onsite SEO Audit: SEO audits include the analysis of your website and whether it is conforming to best practices. Using these results, your SEO expert can make informed decisions about strategy development to produce measurable and positive results.  

Strategy Development: An SEO strategy consists of the plans, outlines, and implementation of steps that have been compiled by your SEO expert to improve your rank on Google. This will typically be discussed with you before being actioned.

Google Penalty Check and Recovery: Your SEO expert will use a Google penalty checker tool to pinpoint issues caused by algorithmic updates or other factors related to Google. Should you incur a penalty, they will conduct a Google penalty recovery. This process includes removing bad / outdated backlinks and removing duplicated content. There are a few different tasks involved in this process.

Competitor Analysis: There are many different ways to do SEO competitor analysis; these include researching links, content, relevant keywords and more.

Google Business Listing Management: A Google Business Listing is imperative for SEO. A Google Business Listing needs to be correctly set up, optimised, and claimed by the relevant business in order to create an authentic online presence. Your SEO expert will ensure that your listing is optimised as far as possible.

On-site Optimisation: Optimising your website is something your SEO expert will do to make sure that your site helps to improve your rankings. They will conduct a quality check on your site and ensure that headings and content placement comply with Google’s preferences; this includes meta descriptions and title tags.  

Content Creation: Using blogs and landing pages with relevant keywords provided by your SEO professional will get you noticed by Google in multiple ways. It needs to be quality content that comes across naturally so that your readers will engage with it and want to read it. It’s also a great way to lead people back to your site with backlinks.  

Link Building: Put simply, link building is where SEO experts strategically place links on other sites to link back to your site. This helps to show that your site is authentic and relevant, which is something very important for Google.

Every business is competing for top positions on Google’s front page. Speak to us for more information on how we can get you there!