How Google Ads Can Boost Your Holiday Business

Google Ads

‘Tis the season to be shopping. With bonuses being paid out and the general festive cheer creeping into the day-to-day grind has consumers ready to spend their hard-earned cash on gifts and other indulgences. But this is nothing new for savvy business owners who often capitalise on the season by placing ads in traditional advertising channels.

However, due to the remarkable changes in how users have adapted their shopping habits, business owners are required to do the same by engaging their potential customers in the digital space. Don’t misunderstand, many marketing gurus confirm that traditional advertising channels still hit hard in helping consumers recall marketing messages, but these channels do not enjoy the same return on investment they had in the past.

So, how can Google Ads help your business this festive season?

1.Get found with Google Search and Google Shopping campaigns

Google’s search campaigns help customers find you when they’re looking for your business’ products or services. This type of campaign is ideal for generating leads, and ultimately sales, because consumers have already decided what they want to buy, and are busy evaluating their options between suppliers.

Google Shopping campaigns also present a unique opportunity for ecommerce websites, where business owners can list their entire inventory on Google’s Merchant Centre. These listings include the product title, price and an image of the item that is available. As an added benefit, the searcher is linked directly to the product being show, reducing the friction between click and conversion. 

The difference between Search & Shopping Campaigns in Google’s result pages:


1.Retarget your website visitors with Google Remarketing campaigns

When selling high value items, marketers can retarget website visitors this festive season with ads for the products or services they’re selling. Remarketing can take place on the Search Network, the Display Network and on YouTube. 

The ideal would be to set additional budgets aside for the Display and YouTube channels, as reducing your search advertising budget can lead to missed opportunities whilst the search volume is higher.

Remarketing ads can be video ads, image ads, text ads, gif images, and interactive lightbox ads. The variety of ads that businesses can use presents the opportunity to reach consumers with their brand message on several channels and across multiple devices.

2.Create video content that showcases your products/services and advertise on YouTube

Businesses don’t need a massive marketing budget to create and distribute video content. Advancements in technology give businesses access to low-cost video equipment, enabling them to showcase their best products and services to potential customers.

Additionally, marketers are paying less to get their brand in front of consumers when comparing the ad views they can get for the same daily budget on traditional platforms. See the comparison below, based on a budget of R 200 per day.

Boosting the festive season specials, putting the best products on display or enticing consumers to buy the latest gadget is made easy with Google’s various advertising platforms. Certified Google Ads Partners will be able to assist in devising an advertising strategy that will grow your profits this festive season by establishing which channels will be the most effective in generating sales.