Starting a position as a junior social media account manager is akin to being handed a special type of social media backstage pass. Newness affords a child-like wonder for the developing art of Social Media Management and while the eyes have only just opened and are still adjusting to the Starbright, do celebrate alongside and share in the awe?

For individuals, social media is an online outlet and display for human personality and human personality ripens organically.

The individual is likely putting his or her best foot forward on Instagram, posting selfie number 733 out of a possible 996, but the brand being represented was launched at childbirth and the investors exhibit subjective interest therein. There is authenticity because the user has a fingerprint that isn’t a metaphor for some sort of groovy software or tracking system. Fingerprint, in this case, means nature’s special miracle.

Brands are expected to harness the same channels and maintain a similar presence but without the luxury of possessing a physical beating heart. Imagine being tasked with eliciting a type of credible self-awareness from such an entity – guiding and nurturing something abstract and essentially intangible in order to personify it and allow it to build a rapport with feeling humans. It requires passion, insight and dedication. It also needs to represent, collectively, the actual humans behind the brand in a transcendence of sorts. Succeeding herein is vital for businesses to reach customers (and other businesses) on this level – their level – to meet their needs.

No one and no-thing can afford to be left behind during the age of convergence and integration. The aforementioned wonder is attributed to the integrity of the human brains behind the social media presence, working tirelessly, continuously, at something intended to seem somewhat effortless, natural and inherent. The feat is quite literally termed an evolution to social business. And the way this is being embraced and executed deserves applause.

Ultimately Hashtag-Newbie has discerned some fundamentals after a week of industry exposure: quality content trumps quantity and one should aim to cause an impact more than to impress. Stay true – as true as the blood being pumped through human veins and as true as the broadband that connects us. SHARE in the social media marvel. Breathe life into business.