Google Advertising Agencies: More Than Just Advertising


You may find it odd to say that a Google advertising agency does more than just advertising, but it’s a fact that they do a lot more for your business than just advertising. Here’s a quick look at some of the ways in which our Google Ads marketing agents at Starbright help your business advertise better!


Conversion Rate Optimisation

More conversions mean you are making more money, and that is what you expect your advertising to achieve. As a Google Ads marketing agency, our Google Ads managers pay special attention to continually improving conversion rates to make sure that you get the results you want.


We use a range of tools to observe what users are doing on your site, including the innovative ‘heat maps’ which show us exactly what your users are clicking on. By tracking exactly what your users are looking at through onsite visitor recordings, we can see what your users are interacting with and what works best for your target market.


We can find your ideal market using different audience insights and arrange our marketing strategies accordingly.

In-depth analysis

More than just understanding what your customers want, our Google Ads marketing agents also analyse other aspects of your business and customer base. The main consideration here is user behaviour.


Understanding user behaviour is especially important because it helps to determine how you need to advertise. Do your users come to your site at certain times of the day? Do they make use of desktop PCs more, or are the majority accessing your site from mobile devices? And where are they from?


Our analysis of your target markets and customer base can be narrowed down as specifically as a suburb, or even the area in and around an airport or shopping centre. This allows us to study the market in-depth and target your advertising to your desired audience.

Google Ads

Finally, we have the obvious duty of a Google Ads marketing agency: advertising. Advertising on Google is the end result of the factors mentioned above. Once you know how to advertise better, and to who, we make sure that you have the best possible ads up on the internet.


We also do our best to get your ads ranking higher, so users see you first. This is further assisted through keyword bidding, where we place a value on the relevant keyword for each product or services. Through extensive research, we help you to rank higher while keeping the rates for your ads as affordable as possible, using the most effective keywords in the best way possible.


Contact us to discover first-hand what our Google advertising agents can do to boost your business’s profits. Our Google Premier Partner badge also tells you that we are recognised experts when it comes to all things Google.