Copywriters: proud and passionate

For some obscure reason, people think that writing is the Arts’ equivalent of third-grade maths. Famous German novelist and Nobel Prize winner Thomas Mann once said: “a writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for others.” This is probably the most accurate quote I have ever heard.

We are chronic over-thinkers. There, I said it… We scrutinise every single word. We question every statement, we challenge every fact and we are constantly searching for truth. Writing a quality article takes time and research, it is tiring and sometimes you feel as though your brain has been dried and flash-fried. “Why do you do it then?” you ask. Because real writers don’t pursue a career in writing for convenience. We fell in love with words long before we realised that copywriters even exist.

We simply enjoy taking a concept and portraying it in an understandable manner. Decoding and deciphering vague thoughts and ideas to facilitate even a young mind’s understanding, is, in my experience, the best feeling. We can take the most basic or the most complicated idea and elaborate on it with passion.

There is an element of satisfaction when you take a topic you know absolutely nothing about and you become noticeably more knowledgeable after five hours of writing. We analyse the quality of sources, the qualifications of authors and the natural flow of their writing. Yes, we do that, constantly and mercilessly.

We are also a stubborn bunch. We criticise everybody’s writing. But beware if you say anything bad about our writing. That said, experienced writers will tell you that slowly but surely you come to terms with the fact that accepting criticism is a part of the job. We don’t refuse it because this is the only way we can evolve as valuable, skilled writers. This is how we become true masters in our field.

We writers are proud of our work and we respect our discipline; this will be reflected in your business’s content. We would literally rather eat dirt than purposefully publish an article with a spelling, punctuation or grammar error. We will do whatever we need to, to learn every in and every out of your business, just so we can be as accurate as humanly possible and get the message across.