Common Misconceptions About How an SEO Company's Services Work

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Enlisting the services of an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) company that provides high-quality Search Engine Marketing (SEM) will boost your business. If they nurture and care for the SEO of your company in Pretoria, you are sure to see an increase in local leads. However, there are some common misconceptions when it comes to the role of an SEO company and how it operates in order to get this all-important job done.

“What Could Go Wrong? I’ll Just Do It Myself”

“SEO is child’s play, I’ll do it myself instead of paying a professional.” The only way one can equate SEO to Child’s Play is that time the family thought they bought a harmless children’s toy home for their son when in fact that toy was Chucky, the evil doll who turned into a successful horror movie franchise. If you’re going to do it, do it right.

For example, if you go Google search “Chucky” right now, you will see adverts for the newest articles, news, videos and film (Child’s Play). None of that happened by accident, all of those search results have an SEO strategy in play to keep the character’s name, Chucky, on top of the Google list of words associated with the film, and so the franchise lives on.

Keep in mind, there was no title in the movie franchise that contained the word “Chucky” until a decade after the original. This is because people were not remembering the film’s name, but rather that of the main character. This happens a lot when an advert is so great that you remember it, but not the brand it was representing.

SEO and association of keywords

This is the association problem which SEO is set out fix. SEO knows what mistakes to avoid, while an amateur could likely be ranking for something that is completely unrelated to their brand or missing out on a keyword their target audience is actually searching. Like when a digital marketing agency uses a horror movie to illustrate a point about SEO, the difference being, we do it right.

“I’ll Just Do Some SEO”

Starting SEO work you don’t plan to, or cannot finish alone, will end up just being a waste of time and resources. SEO will haunt you like a ghost with unfinished business if it is done half-heartedly and doesn’t reach some kind of completion. Incomplete SEO also has the potential to trigger Google penalties.

While some may choose to forego SEO services entirely, believing that it’s just a scheme they won’t be “sucker enough” to buy into, others have seen the light. Even those that have SEO still need to see it through to reap the rewards of a professional SEO company’s services.

That being said, you can learn SEO concepts in a single afternoon, enough to understand the importance of the role of SEO for your business (or at least how Google has solidified the connection between the words "Chucky" and "Child’s Play"), especially when paired with other digital marketing services like copywriting and Google Ads.

"An SEO Company Will Change Your Business Overnight"

Even if this is true, there are often times when companies don’t wait long enough for the data to reflect the success of implementing the services offered by an SEO company to find out. They leave after a month or two of paying for SEO services when, in reality, only after 3 – 6 months of data collection will allow a professional SEO specialist to show significant growth and implement a new strategy in order to do even better. How can they do even better? With the data available after 3 to 6 months, SEO professionals can take the data already collected from previous months into account to deduce a new strategy if necessary.

Two things remain fact:

  1. The services provided by SEO companies have a proven high ROI.
  2. Patience is a virtue.

If you give SEO the time it needs, it will work its magic and you will watch the leads roll in, so “hang in there”, it really isn’t as bad as the kitten in the poster makes it look.

Hang in there for SEO services

“Now That I have SEO, Surely I No Longer Need Content Marketing Too?”

SEO does not replace content marketing and content marketing does not replace SEO. If “Content is King” then its reign will be short-lived if the King’s close and loyal advisor isn’t a brilliant and actively involved SEO specialist.

Technically speaking, SEO and Content Marketing are totally interdependent, neither can function at full capacity without the other. Many businesses have made the mistake of taking on SEO without content, or cancelling their content as a result of the new SEO. This is a HUGE MISTAKE. Websites that stop posting content will quickly see a drop in:

  • Organic traffic
  • Leads
  • Conversions

These are all the reasons you took on SEO in the first place, no? Exactly, so to keep all things running smoothly and simpatico, take on a plan which optimises professionally created content with SEO. Now there’s the winning, golden ticket!

SEO and Content marketing are the golden ticket of digital marketing

Now We Know:

  1. That, firstly, don’t think just because you can read about it on the internet you can reflect the work of a professional SEO specialist. That being said, do your homework, it can only help. SEO, when used with content marketing, can keep your brand voice intact and LOUD.
  2. Give SEO time to work its magic or you risk making an initial investment without actually sticking around to enjoy the reward.
  3. Finally, SEO and content need to be working together to bring your audience what it wants. SEO and content working together will work for you.

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