Build Online Credibility by Being Authentic

In attempts to grow your business online, you must have heard about the importance of having good online content. You’ve probably even come across phrases like ‘content is king’ or ‘marketing talks to people; content talks with people’. You, however, are not convinced. Building an online community around your brand or company sounds cute, but there’s no way that online content can make a real difference to your customer base… or can it?

When cutting back on expenses, the first thing to go is usually your company’s marketing efforts. Although this does curb expenditure, it’s a one-way ticket into obscurity that brings your business’s short and long term growth to a screaming halt. Falling out of sight is not an option for any business, but creating online credibility for your company is no walk in the park, either. So, how can anyone possibly stay relevant in an age where being seen is increasingly difficult? The secret is that you have to rely on actual people to share your content and stick around for more – if your content isn’t informative and meaningful, chances are that people won’t react to it.

Using content to establish client relationships is similar to building them in person. The only difference is that, online, you’re doing this on a much, much larger scale. You’re also showing your credibility through your content, rather than relying only on word-of-mouth and other marketing efforts. Although conventional advertising easily reaches your audiences, they often alienate them (talk to them instead of with them) and the community element is lost. Through content, however, the interpersonal element becomes the foundation of your client interaction.

Copywriters often write lifestyle-based copy aimed at provoking some sort of response from its readers, which opens a direct channel between your company and its consumers. Through your posts, you can interact with clients and start to build a legitimate relationship. There’s no quicker way to win your clients’ trust than giving away some of your professional secrets, for example.

Bombarding your audiences with large amounts of content when trying to be seen won’t go a long way in building your brand, either. People need to be on the forefront of your marketing strategy, sharing niche content that carries value to them, specifically. Content has to be Search Engine Optimised (SEO) to be visible to people, but neither content, nor SEO, can drive your campaign on their own.

For this to work, however, there is one special ingredient that your online marketing strategy will crumble without – your brand needs to be authentic. Next, you can start generating online content that’ll integrate perfectly with your authentic company and voilà, you’ve got online credibility.

According to Mackenzie Fogelson, founder and CEO of a digital strategy company that uses the same software as Starbright to promote your business online, some strategies today tend to rely too much on the technological aspect of online marketing (Moz, 2016). Generating a bunch of stuff that’ll help you rank on Google searches, rather than creating a space for individuals to participate in your brand, building credibility and serving a true purpose to the client community will only take you half of the way in becoming credible online.

As the avenues for making this valuable connection are becoming less readily available online, we must build brands so compelling that they transcend technology (Moz, 2016).

Build your company’s online image into a credible, authentic brand that benefits its audience in more ways than just doing business, and you’ll be surprised at how the scope of your business’s long-term growth strategy changes for the better.

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