6 Things No-one told you about Working as a Copywriter

Anyone who has a basic grasp of English thinks “yeah, I can do that.” However, as any copywriter will tell you, it’s not that simple.

1. Your general knowledge will get you far

Be observant, take everything in. Everything; every bit of information you know and are interested in will help with brainstorming and writing.

2. You will learn more than you ever thought you could

Copywriting requires research, sometimes on things you never thought you would have to read on. As a copywriter, the more you know, the better. Good research will help you interact with clients and formalise a good content strategy.

3. You are going to make mistakes

It happens to the best of us. Hemingway could have once used ‘you’re’ when he meant ‘your’, and even Shakespeare made some words up! Lacklustre (thanks for that one William) writing is not an excuse, but don’t dwell on mistakes, rather focus on ways to improve.

So stop the mammering, we will make a mort-du-vinaigre to reach your content’s blank.
…err, meaning: don’t hesitate, we promise to meet your digital marketing requirements!

4. Adapt or die

Harsh? Yes. True? Also yes.
Your article will only be a tiny drop in a sea of content, and it is put right in the middle of a web of similar content. Your content needs to be relevant and to the point. It also needs to reflect the brand voice of clients and give new information to web users. You need to adapt your writing style according to your clients and the way web users read; without losing your writing style as a whole.

5. People don’t read the way they used to

People want to find information instantly, and are prone to jumping to a new link quickly. The way people read on the internet differs greatly from the way they do books. Online attention span is short and readers scan through and skip the content you worked so hard on very easily.


Everything and anything that catches your attention. Write down new and relevant information as you experience it. This adds to your general knowledge, avoids mistakes, and all in all helps you become a better writer.

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