3 Ways in Which Digital Marketing in South Africa Differs From the Rest of the World

Digital Marketing South Africa

With South Africa’s economy spreading to a global scale with the digital age we have seen a surge in the demand for creative practitioners working within this digital sphere. It has opened South Africa up to the global market in an entirely new way.

We are also able to use various platforms in order to better understand where businesses and people in South Africa intertwine. With the growing mobile trend on the rise, the demand for digital marketing has been huge. This article will discuss how South Africa differs from the rest of the world when it comes to digital marketing.

1.Digital Marketing in South Africa Can Encourage User Engagement

By opening our ears and tracking user engagement trends, which are on the rise, digital marketing can be used as a means of determining these outcomes and how in demand content marketing truly is. South Africa is home to people who fit multiple buyer personas as we have an array of languages spoken and a diverse mix of cultures. This is a blessing as there is so much original untapped content to provide for businesses to determine where their customers are coming from with SEO and through engagement rather than waiting for the same buyers to return. 

The first step to success is having a website to send users to. Find yourself an agency that covers all of these services from website development all the way through to digital marketing.

2.Digital Marketing in South Africa Can Improve Our Economy

Despite the fact that South Africa may not have as large a population with access to the internet as with developed countries, this is changing. Fibre cables are constantly being laid and digital marketing helps them compete to see which business will get you connected first through Google Ads. The shift to mobile and smart phones in the hands of more people due to it proving to be cheaper than internet service providers before the Fibre coverage network started growing so rapidly every day.

When more people have access it will mean conversions for those who have chosen to invest in digital marketing in South Africa. Although South Africa’s online purchasing power is only 55% versus competitors like America with a huge 98%, we are on the rise and fast.

The trends show that everything is growing with no signs of stopping as more people get access to the internet the more purchasing power is distributed the more digital marketing is used and needed. They are currently feeding each other which is unique to other countries that took to digital marketing once most of the country had access and purchasing power. Digital marketing in South Africa now has the ability to determine what their potential clients’ and customers’ needs are before they even search for it, not to mention international business driven by digital marketing in South Africa. The timeline may seem skewed but this puts digital marketing in South Africa in a different position than it is in many other countries.

3.Digital Marketing in South Africa Builds Trust with Unique Content

Anyone who has enjoyed a Nando’s advert online knows that South Africa has a wide variety of people to address with a nationally loved/needed product or service. This relatability is what makes digital marketing in South Africa unique, we can learn from the rest of the world but we have always done things our own way. That is unlikely to change anytime soon. South Africans are bright, with a colourful range of stories to be told and using digital marketing to find what makes us all relatable is a tool few others have had to work with in building their brand.

Build your brand with proudly South African digital marketing services. Contact us at Starbright and let’s surf this digital wave together.