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What Is CPC?

A question that comes up a lot in our Google Ads training course is “What is Cost Per Click (CPC)?”.

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How to Exploit the Principles of Influencer Marketing

To clarify, influencer marketing is when a brand partners with a social media influencer – someone with a large social media following – to promote the products and services offered by that brand; these influencers are essentially celebrity endorsers but the marketing message is employed with a bit more tact, authenticity and finesse, and these campaigns are the fruits of particularly opportunistic marketers.

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Social Media Trends: Keeping Up with the Everchanging Landscape

Change is a guaranteed constant when it comes to social media, and the only way you can truly optimise your marketing strategy is if you are constantly adapting and updating it.

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Google Ads Agencies: More Than Just Advertising

A Google advertising agency offers a lot more than just advertising.

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SEO is Very Much Alive and Kicking

Ever since the first website that went live with a post claiming that “SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is Dead” the idea has been revisited.

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G Suite for Your Small Business

G-suite can completely change the way small businesses operate and optimise project effectivity by implementing a single solution from Google in the form of G Suite.

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