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The Written Word and the Web

Humanity’s ability to communicate through language has had its very own role in our evolutionary development.

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Some Things You Didn’t Know About Copywriting

Here’s an inside scoop from an actual copywriter.

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Google Ads

How Google Ads Can Boost Your Holiday Business

‘Tis the season to be shopping.

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Migrate your website heavenward

…to a file server with cloud backup service

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why keeping your brand consistent on social media is important

Why you must keep Your Brand Consistent on Social media

Most businesses understand that having a strong social media presence plays an important role in the success of their marketing efforts, but some businesses are still having a hard-time leveraging

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seo and googles knowledge graph

Will Google’s Knowledge Graph Kill SEO?

By now it is public knowledge that most of Google’s profits come from Ads. It is pretty obvious that Google is trying to maximise their profits.

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