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Individuals working in a web development and digital marketing company should be aware of what is involved when it comes to unit testing, test-driven development (TDD) and behaviour-driven development (BDD).
When you see the word ‘audit’ it’s natural to think of combing through your financials to evaluate them.
Think of your website as your house. This is the one place that you always come back to, where you live, where you want to feel safe, and a space you want to be proud of.
Do you know how many threats your website faces on a daily basis?
Daily IT Struggles  Windows Password Reset:
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A question that comes up a lot in our Google Ads training course is “What is Cost Per Click (CPC)?”.
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To clarify, influencer marketing is when a brand partners with a social media influencer – someone with a large social media following – to promote the products and services offered by that brand; these influencers are essentially celebrity endorsers but the marketing message is employed with a bit more tact, authenticity and finesse, and these campaigns are the fruits of particularly opportunistic marketers.