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What is social media if not a constant opportunity to share? Knowing what to post on which platforms makes all the difference, though.
You might believe that your business won’t really benefit from having a website or that a website is not within your budget.
It can be quite a downer to log onto your social media business page, only to find that you’ve lost followers and your overall engagement has dropped. Why would this be happening?
seo and googles knowledge graph
By now it is public knowledge that most of Google’s profits come from Ads. It is pretty obvious that Google is trying to maximise their profits.
Creating a fictitious character to enhance your brand, carry your message and provide your audience with something or someone they can relate to is an exciting and creative way to get your message
As any business owner knows, having a responsive and well-written website can mean the difference between bringing in business and sinking your ship – depending greatly on how credible you look.